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CFP: [African-American] Roundtable: Modernist Anthologies (4/30/08; MSAX 11/13-11/16/08)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008 - 3:13am
Sarah Kerman

Anthologies bring together disparate texts under one title, theme, or
rubric, implicitly arguing in favor of juxtaposition (or “aesthetic
interaction,” as this year’s theme calls for) as a preferred literary mode.
The anthology is often cited as a mechanism of canonization, for it
declares its unique selection of texts both necessary and sufficient for
its declared purpose, whatever that might be. Less frequently discussed,
however, are the historically situated editorial judgments that, by
including or excluding, categorizing, excerpting, abridging, or footnoting
modernist texts, turned the genre of the anthology to their own more or

CFP: [African-American] Hauntings: Spectres, Spectrality and Spectatorship

Tuesday, March 11, 2008 - 2:43am
Deirdre Linkiewicz

Philament, the peer-reviewed online journal of the arts and culture
affiliated with the University of Sydney, invites postgraduate scholars
to contribute articles, ficto-criticism, reviews, and opinions for a
special issue produced in conjunction with the convenors of UNSW’s School
of English, Media and Performing Arts Symposium. Revised papers from the
Symposium as well as new submissions are encouraged. Possible themes
include but are not limited to:

CFP: [African-American] Literature of the Civil Rights Movement

Thursday, March 6, 2008 - 12:52am
Rebecca Weaver-Hightower

Call for papers: 1950’s and 1960’s American Poetry

This proposed session is for the interdisciplinary conference, “John F.
Kennedy: History, Memory, Legacy” to be held on the University of North
Dakota’s campus September 25-27, 2008.

CFP: [African-American] CFP - 2009 MLA panel session sponsored by the Folklore and Literature Discussion Group

Thursday, February 28, 2008 - 8:45pm
David Todd Lawrence

Folklore and Gayl Jones' CORREGIDORA. Seeking papers exploring the ways
CORREGIDORA can be understood as a folkloric text. Emphasis on the blues,
orality, family or personal narrative, participatory reading, etc. 350 word
abstracts by March 14th to David Todd Lawrence (

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             more information at
Received on Thu Feb 28 2008 - 15:45:59 EST

CFP: [African-American] Intersections of African American Literacies and Popular Culture

Wednesday, February 27, 2008 - 8:47pm
Faith Bennett

M/MLA (Midwest Modern Language Association) African American Literature I Panel CFP:
Intersections of African American Literacies and Popular Culture
        Paper topics should explore connections between popular culture (film, music, TV) and African
American literacies. For example, Cornel West, one of the most prominent African American
theorists, has produced a rap CD. What are the implications of such crossover scholarships? Other
questions to consider include, but are not limited to, what are the connections between popular
culture and African American literacies? How are these connections defined? What are the common
attitudes and practices that inform African American productions in both popular culture and

CFP: [African-American] CFP John Brown Conference

Wednesday, February 27, 2008 - 3:15pm
Peggy A. Russo

John Brown Remembered: 150th Anniversary of the Raid on Harpers Ferry.
Multi-disciplinary, academic symposium.
Content areas: John Brown's plan, John Brown and Frederick Douglass,
Events leading up to the raid, Individual raiders, Survivors of the raid,
the Secret Six, the trial, Press coverage of the raid, Lincoln's
response, Responses in the North and/or the South, Governor Wise,
Political responses to the raid.
Submissions: 300 word proposals by 15 January 2009.
Conference dates: 13-17 October 2009
Location: Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, Harpers Ferry, WV.
Plenary Speakers Include: Dr. David Blight, Dr. Spencer Crew, Dr. Paul