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Special Issue of *Interdisciplinary Literary Studies* on Contemporary Jacobean Film (deadline: Nov. 1, 2012)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 - 10:20am
Elizabeth Kelley Bowman / Northern Illinois University

Call for Papers: Special Issue of Interdisciplinary Literary Studies: A Journal of Criticism and Theory (

We invite essays from interdisciplinary perspectives that respond (directly or otherwise) to Pascale Aebischer's discussion of the "preposterous contemporary Jacobean" in discussion of early modern source texts (ca. 1500-1800 – not, for this journal issue, limited to the Jacobean era).

Hawthorne Society--South Atlantic MLA (SAMLA) Nov. 9-11, 2012 (CFP deadline 30 May 2012)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 - 7:59am
Hawthorne Society

Title: Hawthorne and the Journey
Affiliation: Hawthorne Society

Abstract: Robin of "My Kinsman, Major Molineux" steps out of the boat on a moonlit night in a New England town, searching for his kinsman. In the House of Seven Gables, Phoebe emigrates to a new home. While Robin is unwelcome in the New England village, Phoebe eventually gains the love and trust of her friends and family. Many of Hawthorne's tales, like these, deal with travel, immigration, and exile. Hawthorne, himself, spent many years traveling both domestically and around the world. This panel seeks papers which focus on the conference theme of "Text as Memoir: Tales of Travel, Immigration, and Exile." Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:

One Day in the City: 15 June 2012

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 - 7:16am
University College London

The UCL Festival of London and Literature: "One Day in the City"
15 June 2012


Mind and American Literature

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 - 6:08am
Camden House

Mind and American Literature

This series on Mind and American Literature offers a forum for the publication of scholarly work investigating connections between literary texts and interdisciplinary inquiry into the broadly defined concept of mind. Books in the series will take a fresh view of literature from any genre in the contexts of questions and considerations that have emerged from such fields as philosophy, psychology, biology, neuroscience, linguistics, and anthropology. The series is committed to publishing fine writing, accessible to a wide range of educated readers.

Camden House is a subsidiary of Boydell & Brewer publishers.

"Shakespeare and Emotions", Perth (AU), 27-30 November 2012 (abstract deadline: June 1st)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - 10:30pm
Australian and New Zealand Shakespeare Association


The 11th Biennial International Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Shakespeare Association in collaboration with the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions

27–30 November 2012
The University of Western Australia
Perth, Western Australia

Keynote speakers include Farah Karim-Cooper (Shakespeare's Globe London), Philippa Kelly (California Shakespeare Theater and UNSW), and Steven Mullaney (University of Michigan). Additional keynote speakers are to be announced.

UPDATE: " 'FOUR-FOOTED ACTORS: LIVE ANIMALS ON THE STAGE' " / University of Valencia, Spain / 12-14 December 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - 6:07pm
Ignacio Ramos Gay / Universidad de Valencia (Spain)

Writing in 1899, Frederick Dolman argued in an article titled "Four-Footed Actors: About Some Well-Known Animals that Appear in the London and Provincial Stage" that the "growth of variety theatres and the decay of comic songs" had developed in "several kinds of diversion, not the least of which is furnished by the art of the animal-trainer" (The English Illustrated Magazine, Sep. 1899, 192, p. 521). Dolman was describing the large-scale entertainments starring animals that had taken over traditional spectator recreations for the last century in a manner not unlike the success of music-halls and professional sport.

The Enigma of the Picaresque, Freie Universitaet Berlin, 16.-17.11.2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - 6:01pm
Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School of Literary Studies, Freie Universitaet Berlin

Despite their great spectrum of variety, it seems that the journeys which the narrator-protagonists of (fictional) autobiographies (re-)embark upon share a common telos: that of formulating the grand narrative of their life and consequently formulating their self, either by finding God (confessio) or their own true identity (Bildungsroman). Evidently, picaresque autobiographies form a very conscious exception to this rule. Although their relators insistently assert to demonstrate their reformed self through their stories, the narratives are inherently ambivalent and, indeed, parodistic of the above autobiographical traditions.

Marrakech, 5-8 December 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - 5:52pm
Prof. Mohammed Kandoussi , Head of Department ,Department of English

Dear Colleagues,

The Moroccan-American Studies Program at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences,
Casablanca, Morocco organizes an international conference about "Interdisciplinary Perspectives
on the Arab Spring and its Implications for American Studies in the Arab Universities" in
Marrakech, 5-8 December 2012.

You will find attached to this email the official call for papers as well as details concerning this conference.
We would highly appreciate your acceptance to participate to this major cultural event.

Disability and African American Literature (MLA 2013) Due March 15

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - 5:49pm
Keith Green

Session explores the language, representation, and meaning of disability in African American literature. All periods, genres, and critical approaches are welcome. Abstract (250 words) and CV by 15 March 2012.

The Internet as Politicising Instrument

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - 5:37pm

Transformations is calling for submissions for Issue 23: The Internet as Politicising Instrument.

Transformations is a double blind, peer reviewed international online journal publishing scholarly work in cultural and media studies.

For this issue of Transformations, we invite papers that consider the gamut of change that the Internet has provoked, drawing on Marcus Breen's Uprising: the Internet's Unintended Consequences (Common Ground Publishing, Champaign, IL, 2011).

Atlantic-Canadian Literature in a Shifting World conference, Acadia University, July 4-7, 2013

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - 4:48pm
Dr. Herb Wyile, Acadia University

The early twenty-first century is a complicated time for regional literatures, particularly the literature of a relatively small region like Atlantic Canada. Globalization, interest in diasporic studies, and an increasingly post-national sensibility are pushing the reconceptualization of national literatures, with considerable implications for regional literatures. Furthermore, it is a time when Atlantic Canada is undergoing considerable cultural change and its future is very much in flux, with the prospect of economic crisis on the one hand and the possibility of a resource-based economic resurgence on the other.

Women's Fiction, New Modernist Studies, and Feminism: DEADLINE March 1

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - 2:48pm
Modern Fiction Studies

The Editors of MFS solicit new feminist scholarship on neglected women writers from the first half of the twentieth century. Feminist readings of single texts, essays on groups and/or movements, and overviews of a single woman's career are equally welcomed. We are particularly interested in new theoretical approaches to modernism emerging out of feminist theory, imbued with what Sianne Ngai calls "a feminist attentiveness to a persistence of sexual hierarchies" (2). How can a feminist attentiveness to women writers shape the conversation at a time when New Modernist studies have largely shifted the focus away from gender toward history and nation?

American Nineteenth-Century Literature: Writing Illness in Nineteenth-Century American Literature

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - 2:39pm
RMMLA (Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association)

This session welcomes proposals on any aspect of 19th C American literature, but especially those theorizing representations of illness and medicine. We invite papers that address autobiography, fiction, philosophy, poetry, diaries, and science writing. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

--madness and mental illness
--doctor/patient relationships
--the home, hospital, and asylum
--legal insanity
--the wounded body or soul
--pathographies, case studies, patient-authored narratives
--disability studies
--narrative ethics
--nurse-roles and healthcare