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CFP: Charlotte Perkins Gilman (web site)

Monday, September 7, 1998 - 6:15am
Kim & Andrew Wells


The Domestic Goddesses Website is adding a new author-- Charlotte =
Perkins Gilman. Check out the authors already featured on this website, =
which was recently featured as a selection in the Scout Report for =
Social Sciences Website.
Domestic Goddesses' URL is: =20

Papers are requested on any aspect of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's work =
and life-- submission ranging from 3 page informal papers to =
dissertation length works will be considered. =20

Please contact: for more information, or to submit a =
paper. =20

CFP: Victorian Women Writers (Web Page)

Wednesday, June 10, 1998 - 5:42pm
Kim & Andrew Wells

With the Internet growing to include more than just chat and xxx sites,
there's plenty of room for even academia! There seems to be a growth of
literature and literary criticism websites that cater to academics,
undergraduates, and interested readers alike, so let's jump on the
bandwagon! I am interested in papers from grad students as well as
professional scholars.

A PhD student, (me) who will be at Texas A & M soon, is creating a
webpage called "Domestic Goddesses: AKA Scribbling Women." The URL for
the site is check it out
before you submit.

CFP: Sycamore: American Studies (E-journal)

Monday, March 9, 1998 - 1:11am
Ian Finseth

                        * * CALL FOR PAPERS * *

Sycamore, an online scholarly journal of American Studies, is accepting
article-length papers on the following topics: The American Family, War
and Peace, Science in Art, and The Coolidge Years (1923-1929). These
topics are broadly conceived (excepting the chronological restriction of
the last), and submissions representing a diversity of fields and
interpretive or theoretical perspectives are encouraged. Sycamore can be
found at <>.

CFP: James Lee Burke (on-line newsletter)

Friday, April 18, 1997 - 5:16pm
Jan B. Steffensen

Call for contributions:

A James Lee Burke Newsletter

(check the Call at - available from
April 21)

For a planned electronic newsletter on mystery author James Lee Burke I am
looking for contributions. I would like to print article and longer reviews,
but the newsletter will also contain a variety of other types of material.
Please let me know if you like to contribute - perhaps you already have
written something or you would like to. Please email me at

CFP: The Early America Review

Thursday, July 18, 1996 - 5:58am
D.E. Vitale

The Early America Review, an historical journal focusing on 18th century
America-- its people, issues and events-- is a new publication on the
World Wide Web. The Review is being published as a quarterly. The Summer
1996 edition is now online.

Its URL:

The editor is interested in adademic papers, book reviews, commentaries,
stories, and texts of speeches re this period. There is no prohibition
against writings that have been previously published.

If you have any questions or are interested in submitting your manuscript,
please e-mail me.