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CFP: Lyric in the Transatlantic 18th c. (3/1/07; NEASECS, 10/25/07-10/28/07)

Sunday, February 11, 2007 - 8:55pm
Joanne van der Woude

CFP for the 2007 Northeast American Society for Eighteenth-Century
Studies Conference to be held October 25-28, 2007 at Dartmouth College.
The conference theme is "Transatlantic Destinies: Connections and
Disconnections across the Atlantic Seaboard in the Eighteenth Century."

_Traveling Songs: Lyric in the Transatlantic Eighteenth Century_

CFP: Black Literature in the Early (Mid)West (2/28/07; MLA '07)

Sunday, February 11, 2007 - 8:55pm
Eric Gardner

For a proposed special session at MLA 2007:

Black Literature in the Early (Mid)West.

Pre-1900, "West" defined broadly, reflecting changing "frontier" boundaries. The Black press, slave narratives from the (Mid)West, African/Native interactions, Thomas Detter, the Repository of Religion and Literature, the Elevator, the Pacific Appeal, etc.

Abstracts by 28 February 2007 to Eric Gardner (

UPDATE: Representing Segregation (3/15/07; journal issue)

Sunday, February 11, 2007 - 8:24pm

Updated CFP
The guest editors of a special issue of African American Review on Repre=
senting Segregation are still looking for proposals for projects that ad=
dress the special issue topic in the late nineteenth century=2E =

The extended deadline for proposals on the late nineteenth century is Ma=
rch 15=2C 2007=2E Send inquiries or proposals to Brian Norman (normbria=40=
isu=2Eedu) and Piper Kendrix Williams (williamp=40tcnj=2Eedu) Complet ed=
 papers will due by May 1=2C 2007=2E More information=2C including the o=
riginal CFP for the special issue =2C is available at=3A www=2Eisu=2Eedu=
/=7Enormbria/aar=2E See also African American Review=27s website at=A0 h=

CFP: Realism in Theory (4/17/07; M/MLA, 11/8/07-11/11/07)

Sunday, February 11, 2007 - 8:24pm
Cohen, Samuel S.

For the Literary Criticism permanent section, annual convention of the
Midwest Modern Language Association, Cleveland, Ohio, November 8-11:

"Realism in Theory." This session will be devoted to assessing the state
of the conversation about realism (small r) in contemporary literary
theory and criticism. What are we saying about the modes, possibilities,
problems, meanings, and politics of the literary representation of
reality? What has been said about these things up until now? What might
be said in the future?

CFP: 7th Biennial Southern Women Writers Conference: Homecomings (4/2/07; 9/27/07-9/29/07)

Sunday, February 11, 2007 - 8:23pm
Bucher, Christina

Call for Papers and Creative Submissions
Seventh Biennial Southern Women Writers Conference
Berry College
Mount Berry, GA
September 27-29, 2007
Conference speakers to include: Barbara C. Ewell, Kaye Gibbons, Vertamae
Grosvenor, Minrose Gwin, Lorraine Lopez, Jill McCorkle, Harryette
Mullen, Brenda Marie Osbey, Minnie Bruce Pratt, Minton Sparks,
a special evening with Dr. Maya Angelou
(in conjunction with One Book, Many Voices Rome Community Read)
Since its inception in 1994, the Southern Women Writers Conference has
been devoted to showcasing the works of well known and emerging southern

CFP: Queer Space and Time (3/1/07; SCMLA, 11/1/07-11/3/07)

Sunday, February 11, 2007 - 8:23pm

CFP: Queer Space and Time, Gay and Lesbian Caucus
(SCMLA, 11/01/07-11/01/07 Memphis)
  Gay and Lesbian Caucus Panel
  South Central Modern Language Association (SCMLA)
  November 1-3, 2007 in Memphis, TN
Papers are now accepted for Gay and Lesbian Caucus
panel at SCMLA in Memphis, Novemeber 1-3 2007. All
proposals will be considered. Papers addressing the
issues of "queer space" and/or "queer time" as
expressed through literature, poetry, drama, film or
theory are especially encouraged.
Please submit a brief abstract (no more than 300
words) that includes a title. With your abstract,
please provide your name, institution (if relevant),

CFP: American Drama Conference (6/15/07; 10/4/07-10/6/07)

Sunday, February 4, 2007 - 6:56pm
Ian Maloney

American Drama Conference

St. Francis College

Brooklyn Heights, New York

October 4-6, 2007


The conference invites papers on any aspects of American drama,
playwrights, and theater. Of particular interest are discussions
connecting playwrights to each other and to social, political,
historical, and aesthetic issues. We also welcome papers on stagecraft,
performance, and production history. Papers should not exceed 10 pages
for twenty minute presentation.=20


Possible panels may focus on:


Edward Albee

Susan Glaspell

Lorraine Hansberry

Lillian Hellman

Beth Henley

Tony Kushner

David Mamet

Arthur Miller

CFP: Realism's Others (4/1/07; collection)

Sunday, February 4, 2007 - 6:55pm
Baker, Geoff

Submissions are sought for a volume on the topic of "Realism's Others." =
Based on a panel at the March, 2006, meeting of the American Comparative =
Literature Association at Princeton University, this project hopes to =
continue the discussion.=20


The panel considered realism's creation of, and relationship to, the =
other. Questions discussed include:=20

CFP: What's a Feminist to do with Melville (3/10/07; MLA '07)

Sunday, February 4, 2007 - 6:30pm
Charlene Avallone

What=92s a Feminist to Do with Melville?
Melville Society Session
MLA, Chicago, December 27-30, 2007

Feminist criticism contributes a stimulating, if still compact, =20
scholarship in the field of Melville studies. The past three decades =20=

of feminist study have not only revisited questions of Melville and =20
misogyny, but also renewed interest in his short fiction, poetry, and =20=

Pierre; opened up the significance of gendered figures in his texts; =20
reconsidered his career through new historical models of authorship; =20
and more.