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UPDATE: Non-Western Christianity and Literature (6/30/06; collection)

Monday, January 30, 2006 - 10:45pm
Middleton, Darren

Essays not exceeding 5,000 words are invited for an anthology exploring Non-Western Christianity and Literature. The editor is especially interested in essays that show how creative writers (novelists, short fiction writers, poets, etc.) capture the real-lived texture of non-Western Christian belief and behavior. Various methodological and disciplinary approaches are encouraged. Please send abstracts, which should not exceed 250 words, in the first instance. E-mail attachments preferred. Please use the e-mail address listed below. And feel free to use this address for any and all initial inquiries.

The new deadline for receipt of abstracts is March 15, 2006. And the new deadline for completed essays is June 30, 2006.

CFP: Violence in Kate Wilhelm (2/25/06; WisCon 30, 5/26/06-5/29/06)

Monday, January 30, 2006 - 10:45pm
Josh Lukin

In six or eight of her stories from the Vietnam War years, Kate Wilhelm made a name for herself as one
of the most aggressive critics of the culture of violence in the military-industrial state. But her work at
that time was hardly unique in her oeuvre; from as early as the 1950s, with the suicidal explosion that
ends her second published story, Wilhelm's fiction has been engaged in analyses of the violent mindset,
of how individual and societal violence interrelate, of the cognitive basis of violent personalities, and of
the personal effects of impersonal violence. The extent to which outward-directed violence is destined

CFP: The Political Norman Mailer (including grad) (4/15/06; 10/12/06-10/14/06)

Monday, January 30, 2006 - 10:44pm
Lennon, Michael

The Programming Committee is looking for good proposals for panel =
presentations during the fourth annual conference of The Norman Mailer =
Society, to be held in Provincetown, MA, October 12-14, 2006. The =
theme of this year's conference is "The Political Norman Mailer," but =
papers on other topics related to Mailer and his work are also welcome. =
Please follow the guidelines below carefully.
Send a 50-75 word biographical statement and a 300-400 word abstract of =
the proposed paper--as MS Word attachments only--not in the body of your =
email--by April 15 to the program committee chair: Robert Begiebing, =

CFP: Scottish Crime Fiction, CLUES: A Journal of Detection (10/31/06; journal issue)

Monday, January 30, 2006 - 10:44pm
Elizabeth Foxwell

> CFP: Scottish crime fiction, spec issue of _CLUES: A Journal of Detection_
> Guest Editor: Gill Plain, University of St. Andrews (UK)
> From Ian Rankin to Val McDermid to Alexander McCall Smith, Scottish writers have dominated the British crime fiction market for the past twenty years. The Scottish crime fiction issue of _CLUES_ (the only US academic journal on mystery fiction) seeks to examine this phenomenon. Is the success of Scottish crime fiction attributable to a literary history stretching back to the nineteenth century and beyond, or is it the result of more recent cultural and political developments?

CFP: Pataphysica 4: Black Arts (9/8/06; journal issue)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006 - 11:17pm
cal clements

Pataphysica 4, "Pataphysica e Alchimia 2," will follow in the
footsteps of Pataphysica 2, "Pataphysica e Alchimia," in
presenting Part 2 of Alfred Jarry's final, unfinished novel The
She-Dragon (1907), again in the form of an annotated literal
translation highlighting Jarry's use of alchemical and
mythological symbolism. It will again be edited and introduced
by Dr. Faustroll, and submissions should be sent for
consideration to "Juno," as everyone
knows, is the Roman counterpart to the Greek Hera, who
represented the Earth in the same way that her husband Zeus
stood for the sky, suggesting that this e-mail address is a way
of contacting "Faustroll on Earth."

UPDATE: Language, Culture, and Technologies (Lithuania) (2/1/06; 5/19/06-5/21/06)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006 - 10:42pm
Ruta Veteryte

Deadline extended:

 Dear Colleague,

We have a great pleasure in inviting you to participate in the fourth
international conference


at Kaunas University of Technology (


 19-21 May, 2006

 We invite teachers, scholars and postgraduate students to participate and
to contribute papers to the fourth international conference hosted by Kaunas
University of Technology, Lithuania.

UPDATE: The City, Comparatively (2/15/06; 5/28/06-5/30/06)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006 - 10:19pm
Jan Plug


Canadian Comparative Literature Association
Association canadienne de litt=E9rature compar=E9e

May 28-30, 2006.

The City, Comparatively

We invite papers, or proposals for papers, on the following subjects:
Nous vous invitons =E0 soumettre des communications ou des projets de=20
sur l'un des sujets suivants:

spatial imaginings
the legacy of Freud (on the 150th anniversary of Freud=92s birth)
landscapes, urban and rural
the urban sublime

UPDATE: Religon and Popular Culture (6/1/06; MAPACA, 11/4/06-11/6/06)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006 - 10:19pm

Update: Abstracts or proposals due June 1 for Religion and Popular Culture
panel at Mid-Atlantic Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association
to Richard Currie at either or