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CFP: Violence Among Women (7/1/05; e-journal)

Monday, May 16, 2005 - 3:43pm
Thomas Philbeck

Submission Deadline : July 1st
Publication decisions will be made by September 1st
In many modern and contemporary narrative acts of psychological and physical violence among women, violence has been interpreted and presented in terms of Freudian envy, spaces for male pleasure, negotiating conflicts in a male world, biological determinism (the over protective mother), or as non-existent, i.e. created by males (women are peacemakers and nurturers, neither inherently violent nor evil) etc.

CFP: Literature and the Addicted Subject (11/15/05; collection)

Monday, May 16, 2005 - 3:43pm
Comitini, Patricia Prof.

We're soliciting papers for a volume tentatively titled Literature and
the Addicted Subject, 1700-Present. This volume will examine how the
post-Romantic conception of literature constructs both the possibility
and our understanding of addiction. While there are collections and
books that discuss the addictions of authors or representations of
addiction, the focus of this book is substantially different: it seeks
to examine how addiction is a historical phenomenon that is enabled by
particular ideological and cultural preconditions. Thus, we do not
assume addiction's existence prima facie, and do not assume it is one
thing at all times. Addiction needs particular historical preconditions:

CFP: Con/texts of Invention working conference (10/5/05; 4/20/06-4/22/06)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005 - 7:51pm
Kurt M. Koenigsberger

Con/texts of Invention
A working conference of the Society for Critical Exchange

With support from the Center for Law, Technology, and the Arts at Case
Western Reserve University School of Law; the History of Science Department
at Harvard University; the Washington College of Law at American
University; and the Committee on Conceptual and Historical Studies of
Science at the University of Chicago

Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio
April 20-22, 2006

CFP: The Michael Jackson Trial (5/20/05; journal issue)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005 - 7:49pm
Moorti, Sujata

Call for articles about The Michael Jackson Trial
For special issue of the international journal 'Social Semiotics'
* How does Michael Jackson's trial, and the associated media spectacle,
mobilises ideas about gender, race, class, the body, queer, sexuality,
power, childhood/adulthood, fandom and celebrity?
* What does the reporting tell us about phenomena such as the U.S.
televised trial, the media event, the use of chat shows and the role of
personal testimony?
* What are the socio-political contexts and implications of this major
media spectacle?
The Michael Jackson ³pedophilia² trial has become a staple of global media.

CFP: Privacy (9/20/05; 3/9/06-3/11/06)

Sunday, May 8, 2005 - 1:16pm
michele janette


PRIVACY (and Secrecy)
-- the 15th annual Cultural Studies Conference at Kansas State

March 9-11, 2006

Kansas State University
Manhattan, Kansas

Conference Description:

UPDATE: Graphic Novels as Complements to the Classics (6/15/05; collection)

Sunday, May 8, 2005 - 1:16pm
James Bucky Carter

Just a reminder to interested parties that the deadline to
submit to ?Graphic Novels as Complements to the Classics"
is June 15. I have recently been contacted by a leading
 publisher of English Education materials that would like
to see sample chapters and more by July 15, so getting
papers to me in a timely fashion is very important.

As well, please note that I will be moving: My new address
come June 1st will be 110 B Appletree
Road/Charlottesville, VA 22903. Please send essays there
if you feel they will be arriving after the 1st. As well,
e-mail submissions sent to will be
accepted. Sending via both methods encouraged.

CFP: Narrative: An International Conference (10/15/05; 4/6/06-4/9/06)

Sunday, May 8, 2005 - 1:15pm
Percy Walton


Narrative: An International Conference

April 6-9, 2006
Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
Conference to be held at Chateau Laurier Hotel

Keynote Speakers:

Janice Radway, Frances Fox Professor in Humanities, Duke University
Rinaldo Walcott, Canada Research Chair, Ontario Institute for Studies in
Antoine Grumbach, Facult=E9 d=92Architecture, Universit=E9 de Paris

Sponsored by the Society for the Study of Narrative Literature, the
Narrative Conference is an interdisciplinary forum addressing all
dimensions of narrative theory and practice.

CFP: New/Old Worlds. Spaces of Transition (Romania) (9/15/05; 2/2/06-2/3/06)

Sunday, May 8, 2005 - 1:15pm
Ioana Luca



Str. Pitar Mos 7-11, Bucharest 70151

Call for Papers

The 2006 RAAS Conference


Bucharest, 2nd - 3rd of February 2006


The Romanian Association for American Studies

The Romanian - U.S. Fulbright Commission

The concept of the New World, operative from the period of Renaissance

explorations, contains a particularly rich cluster of concepts which still

shape Euro-American perceptions today. The New World - and, by implication,

an Old World opposing it - comprehends multiple registers in both theory