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ethnicity and national identity

CFP: Folklore and the Literature Classroom (3/1/07; MLA '07)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007 - 10:50pm
David Allred

"Folklore and the Literature Classroom"
A session arranged by the MLA Folklore and Literature Discussion Group
MLA 2007 (Chicago)

How can literature teachers encourage students to consider folklore's influence on the form, content, and/or reception of literary works?

Paper proposals may focus on any author, any type of literature course, or any form of folklore (i.e. belief, narrative, material culture, custom, legend, proverb, etc.) Papers may also address a variety of concerns:

CFP: Open Session on Multi-Ethnic Literature (1/26/07; ALA, 5/24/07-5/27/07)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007 - 10:19pm
Wenxin Li

American Literature Association 18th Annual Conference (May 24-27, 2007)
Proposals are sought for an open session on multi-ethnic literature. As =
a MELUS-sponsored event, this panel welcomes submissions from anyone =
interested in the study of multi-ethnic literature but requires those =
whose proposals are accepted to be members of the society. Please email =
a 250-word abstract with a 1-page c.v. by January 26, 2007 to = <> .=20
The American Literature Association's 18th annual conference will meet =
at the Westin Copley Place in Boston on May 24-27, 2007 (Thursday =

UPDATE: Imagining Diaspora in Canadian Literature (grad) (1/20/07; McGill, 10/3/07-11/3/07)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007 - 10:19pm
Meredith Donaldson Clark

=93New Worlds, Lost Worlds=94: Discovery, Change, and Loss in Literature
McGill University, Montr=E9al
13th Annual Graduate Conference on Language and Literature
March 10-11, 2007

*please note the extended deadline*

New Worlds, Lost Worlds, Lost Words, New Words:=20
Imagining Diaspora in Canadian Literature

If to live in diaspora is to live the experience of leaving one world =
for another world, of being away, of being broken up and split apart, =
then perhaps it is through words, new and old, that we can attempt to =
piece ourselves back together again and lead ourselves, if not home, =
then somewhere else, elsewhere-

CFP: The Partition of British India (3/1/07; MLA '07)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007 - 10:19pm
Debali Mookerjea-Leonard

Seeking papers for the MLA convention in Chicago, December 27-30, 2007

"Re-Mapped Lives: The Partition of British India." Papers
investigating, using literature and film, how the Partition experience
of communal violence and mass displacement has shaped postcolonial
societies and subjectivities in South Asia.

Please submit 300-word abstracts to Debali
Mookerjea-Leonard( by March 1.

Debali Mookerjea-Leonard

UPDATE: Indian Writing in English (2/28/07; collection)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007 - 10:18pm
chetan deshmane

We are publishing a book on Indian Writing in English dedicated to our
teacher and head Dr B S Valke.

We invite papers of high literary standards by scholars who would especially
like to present Poststructuralist / Postmodernist Perspective on Indian

The papers must be maximum 7500 words in length, written in 12 font size
with double line spaces and enough margins on all the sides.

Works quoted must be duly acknowledged and reflected in the bibliography.
Please follow the MLA Style of writing, and ensure that your paper consists
of end notes.

The deadline for submission has been extended till the 28th of February

UPDATE: Asian Gothic: A Critical Reader (1/31/07; collection)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007 - 10:18pm

This is an update from a previous call. The editor of this collection is
urgently looking for one or possibly two more essays that interpret(s) Asian
narratives (NOT postcolonial or Asian American narratives) from a Gothic
perspective, but which Essays on the Gothic in literature and film from,
for example, China, Japan, Korea, and the middle east are sought.

CFP: Japanese 'Cute' Children's Culture 1995-Now (3/1/07; MLA '07)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007 - 10:18pm
jaimy mann

Modern Language Association (MLA) 2007

Chicago -- December 27-30

Children=92s Literature Division

Japanese =91Kawaii=92/=91Cute=92 Children=92s Culture 1995-Now

             =93Cute,=94 as we now commonly conceive of it, originated =
in =20
the U.S. in the late 19th century. Japanese =93kawaii=94 is a quite =20
recent import altering and adding to =93cute=94 in a variety of ways. =20=

Contemporary Japanese artists creating animated feature length films, =20=

CFP: African Film Conference (5/31/07; 11/9/07-11/10/07)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007 - 10:18pm
Margaret C. Flinn

Call for Papers

African Film Conference, Fall 2007

Abstract submission deadline: May 31, 2007
Conference date: November 9-10, 2007
Place: Center for African Studies
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

CFP: Canadian Jewish Studies (2/1/07; 5/27/07-5/29/07)

Saturday, January 6, 2007 - 11:56pm
Aviva Atlani

The Association for Canadian Jewish Studies (ACJS) will be holding its 31st Annual Conference on May 27-29, 2007 at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon as part of the Congress of Social Sciences and Humanities. The conference provides a platform for original scholarly research in Canadian Jewish history, life and culture from an array of disciplines.

CFP: Al-Andalus and its Legacies (5/31/07; journal issue)

Saturday, January 6, 2007 - 10:59pm
Comparative Literature Studies

*AL-ANDALUS AND ITS LEGACIES. **Comparative Literature Studies *invites
submissions for a special issue guest-edited by Esperanza Alfonso
(Universidad Complutense-Madrid) and Ross Brann (Cornell University). In the
region of Iberia that was under Islamic control from the eighth to the
thirteenth century, Hebrew and Romance literatures burgeoned alongside
Arabic and created the distinctive hybrid culture invoked in the name *
al-Andalus*. *CLS *seeks papers that explore literary interactions and
influences between cultures and languages in the aforementioned period,
papers that reveal the legacy of this hybrid culture for later literary