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CFP: Horror Area (6/15/06; MAPACA, 10/27/06-10/29/06)

Monday, May 15, 2006 - 4:35pm

The Horror area of the Mid Atlantic American/Popular Culture Conference, October 27-29, 2006 in Baltimore MD welcomes proposals for papers dealing with all aspects of horror and the supernatural in various genres, such as literature, film, television, music and as part of popular culture (fashion, artifacts, attitudes, etc.)

If you are interested in proposing a paper, please contact L.M. Miller or A. Schopp at the addresses below. ALL PROPOSALS ARE DUE BY JUNE 15, 2006. Proposals should be 250-300 word abstracts. Please indicate if you are proposing papers to more than one are. MAPACA rules stipulate that you may only present one paper at the conference.

L.M. Miller
118 Third Place
Brooklyn, NY 11231

CFP: Technology and the Home Panel (6/15/06; MAPACA, 10/27/06-10/29/06)

Monday, May 15, 2006 - 4:34pm
Rett Lorance

Technology and the Home Sessions, a permanent area of the
Mid-Atlantic Popular Culture Annual Conference. Technology and the Home
seeks papers that explore various interactions between the technology and
the domestic environment. The discussion may focus on real or imagined or
speculative homes and technology. There is no limit on the time frame nor
upon the methodology.
Previous papers include: "Computing Technologies in the Home: Future
Opportunities and Challenges"; "Technical Innovation and Domestic Display
in Late Republican Rome"; "'Humor' in Home Technology"; "The Yeoman Oven
Mitt"; "Burn, Baby Burn (Kitchen Inferno): New Images of Domesticity in

CFP: Framework Conference (5/22/06; 11/3/06-11/4/06)

Monday, May 8, 2006 - 12:43pm
Price, Brian Edward

Framework Conference
November 3-4, 2006
Keynote Speaker: Laura Mulvey

We are pleased to announce that the first annual Framework (Wayne State =
University Press) conference will take place on Nov 3-4, 2006 at =
Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma. With a keynote =
address by Laura Mulvey, the conference will gather international film, =
television and new media scholars to address a central issue. The theme =
of our first meeting raises the appropriately fundamental but none too =
simple question of =93The Future of Theory.=94=20

CFP: Deadwood and Emotion (6/1/06; WALA, 10/25/06-10/28/06)

Monday, May 8, 2006 - 12:43pm
Michael Johnson

Panel Title: "Deadwood" and Emotion


Conference: Western American Literature Association, Boise, Idaho, October
25-28, 2006.


In keeping with the WLA conference theme, "Feeling Western," this panel will
examine the role of emotion in HBO's award-winning television western
"Deadwood." Although much has been said about the show's rough language,
violence, and its gritty and realistic portrayal of a frontier town and its
inhabitants, there has been little discussion thus far of its emotive and
even sentimental elements. The central question this panel will ask is: what
is the role of "feeling" and "feelings" in "Deadwood"?


CFP: Text and Image: The Language of Images (10/1/06; CCSU, 3/29/07-3/30/07)

Monday, May 8, 2006 - 12:43pm
Laurence Petit

CFP: Text and Image: The Language of Images (10/01/06;
CCSU, 03/29/07-03/30/07)

Text and Image Conference
Central Connecticut State University
New Britain, CT 06050

The Language of Images, March 29-30, 2007

Central Connecticut State University and the English
Department invite proposals for their international,
interdisciplinary Text and Image Conference on "The
Language of Images" on March 29-30, 2007.

CFP: X-Files and Literature (6/4/06; collection)

Monday, May 8, 2006 - 12:43pm
Yang, Sharon

I am putting together a book collection of essays on The X-Files and Literature. I am looking for essays of 20-40 pages that explore The X-Files' revision and adaptation of literature and literary conventions, literary works or forms that anticipate the major traits that make The X-Files what it is, and the television program's reflexive influence on other forms of literature or 20/21st-century adaptations of literature. Please submit an abstract of 250-500 words by 6/04/06 to:
Sharon R. Yang, Ph. D.
Associate Professor
Languages and Literature
Worcester State College
486 Chandler Street
Worcester, MA 01602

CPF: Dissections: Horror and Dark Fantasy (ongoing; e-journal)

Monday, May 8, 2006 - 12:42pm
Michelle Bernard


Dissections is a new international horror and dark fantasy e-journal that
provides a rich opportunity for academics, critics and creative writers and
artists to publish alongside each other. We welcome essays on 20th and 21st
century horror and dark fantasy, including film, fiction, and images. We
also publish some short creative fiction, poetry and artwork. Dissections is
peer-reviewed and 'published' twice yearly. The first edition will be in
September 2006.

We only accept electronic submissions.

Submission Guidelines

Please submit text in Word or PDF format only.

Please submit images in JPG, JPEG, PNG or GIF format only.

CFP: Fake News and its Narratives (7/1/06; collection)

Monday, May 8, 2006 - 12:42pm

CFP: Fake News and its Narratives (7/01/06; collection)

Submissions are invited for a proposed collection theorizing fabricated news and
its narratives.

In the past twenty-five years, American journalism has been scandalized by a
series of sensational cases of journalistic fraud. Janet Cooke, Stephen Glass,
and Jayson Blair are only the most notorious examples of reporters who have
been caught inventing characters, making up quotations, plagiarizing details,
and, in the most outrageous cases, faking entire stories.