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CFP: Gender and Race in Literature and Film (3/1/06; RMMLA, 10/12/06-10/14/06)

Monday, December 5, 2005 - 6:14pm
Tara Powell


Session Title: Gender and Race in Literature and Film
Rocky Mountain MLA Convention
October 12 - October 14, 2006
DoubleTree Resort Hotel at Reid Park in Tucson, Arizona
Deadline: March 1, 2006

Our panel can encompass a wide range of presentations dealing with the =
topics of gender and race in literature and/or film. Please send an =
abstract, CV, and cover letter by March 1 to

Dr. Tara Powell
Gender and Race in Literature and Film
USC Institute for Southern Studies
107 Gambrell Hall
Columbia, SC 29208

or to

CFP: Kairos and Media (12/1/05; 2/24/06)

Monday, December 5, 2005 - 6:14pm
Janet Johnson

CFP: Mass Communications Panel


A Symposium in Rhetoric: "Rhetoric & Kairos"

Open to faculty, graduate students, and independent scholars


The Federation Rhetoric Committee of the Federation of North Texas Area


Texas Woman's University - Denton, Texas

Where: ACT Bldg. 2nd Floor

When: February 24, 2006


CFP: Relationship Between Human & Nonhuman Animals (1/15/06; 9/7/06-9/9/06)

Monday, December 5, 2005 - 6:14pm
Kara Kendall

Announcing A Call for Papers for
        Kindred Spirits: the Relationship Between Human and NonHuman Animals,
            An Interdisciplinary Conference

        Law, Race, Speciesism, Sexuality, Feminism, Ethics, Rights Movements,
Literature, Religion, Gender Studies, History, Science, Creative Writing,
Philosophy, the Visual and Performing Arts, Veterinary Medicine, etc.

Please visit the Kindred Spirits Website for information updates:

Dates: September 7-9, 2006
Place: Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

CFP: Literature and Psychoanalysis (1/18/06; 3/27/06-3/28/06)

Tuesday, November 29, 2005 - 10:24pm
Alvin Henry

Psychoanalysis & Literature
A conference at the University of California at Berkeley

Monday-Tuesday, March 27-28, 2006
Hosted by the Departments of English and Social & Cultural Studies
Featuring Keynote Speaker: Maire Jaanus, Barnard College
Endnote Speaker TBA

This conference aims to explore the intersection between literature and
psychoanalysis and is interested in papers that address, but are not
limited to, the following topics:

CFP: Fan/tastic Visuals Panel (11/29/05; ICFA, 3/15/06-3/19/06)

Tuesday, November 29, 2005 - 9:27pm
Eden Lackner


"Fan/tastic Visuals"

Panellists are being sought for a potential session to be submitted to
the 2006 International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts (ICFA),
March 15-19 at the Wyndham Fort Lauderdale Airport Hotel, Ft.
Lauderdale, Florida. This panel will focus on fan art, photo
manipulation, video, web design, costuming, body modification, and other
visual methods of creativity/expression by speculative fiction fan

CFP: Strategic Representations in Pop Culture (grad) (12/17/05; Acacia, 2/17/06-2/18/06)

Tuesday, November 29, 2005 - 9:26pm

Acacia Group's 2006 Conference: Politicizing texts
The Acacia Group of California State University, Fullerton is seeking paper=
for our 2006 conference to be held February 17 and 18, 2006. We are =20
interested in papers/presentations for the following suggested panel:
Strategic Representations in Popular Culture=20
How do aspects of popular culture=E2=80=94including, but not limited to, ma=
fiction, non-fiction, advertising, film, travel, food, entertainment, toys,=
and leisure objects=E2=80=94employ strategies designed to appeal to certain=
What theories inform those strategies? Is there a segmenting of groups and=20

CFP: Nick Cave (1/31/06; collection)

Tuesday, November 29, 2005 - 9:26pm
Tanya Dalziell

Cultural Seeds: new perspectives on the work of Nick Cave

Edited by Karen Welberry (La Trobe University) and Tanya Dalziell
(The University of Western Australia)

Nick Cave is now widely recognised as a composer, curator, musician,
author, artist and screenwriter. From The Boys Next Door to The
Secret Life of the Love Song to author of the recently acclaimed
screenplay, The Proposition (2005), Cave's career spans nearly 30
years and has produced a comprehensive (and sometimes controversial)
body of work that has arguably shaped contemporary 'alternative'
culture. As such, an inclusive appraisal of Cave's work and its
significance is timely and necessary.