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CFP: Fucking Artifacts (2/2/07; Calgary Free Exchange, 3/16/07-3/18/07)

Saturday, January 6, 2007 - 11:56pm

Spring Cleaning:
Rediscovering and Revitalizing the Artifact
University of Calgary Free Exchange Graduate Conference
16-18 March 2007
Calgary, Alberta
For more information, please visit Free Exchange at

Fucking Artifacts: Re-examining the Roles of Expletives in Culture and

Much Wine had past with grave discourse, Of who Fucks who, and who does
                                Lord Rochester, Poems on Several Occasions

How in the fuck should I know?
                                William Burroughs, Naked Lunch

CFP: Queer Readings of Television Series and Serials (France) (1/14/07; 3/30/07)

Saturday, January 6, 2007 - 11:55pm
Georges-Claude GUILBERT

Call for papers
One-day conference organized by the GRAAT:
Queer readings of television series and serials
Friday March 30, 2007
Université François Rabelais, Tours, France
Contributions will examine television series and
serials (1950s to today); they will be informed
by Women's Studies, Feminist Studies, Gender
Studies and Queer Theory. British, Australian and
American shows will be favored, but
Spanish-speaking telenovelas will also be
considered. Deadlines for proposals January 14,
Send your proposals to Sebastien Salbayre
AND Georges-Claude Guilbert

CFP: Teaching Toni Morrison (3/31/07; MMLA, 11/8/07-11/11/07)

Saturday, January 6, 2007 - 10:59pm
Melissa Daniels

Teaching Toni Morrison

Calls for Papers
Midwest Modern Language Association
8-11 November 2007

This panel seeks papers that address pedagogical responses to Toni Morrison. Proposals should
explore/discuss the following issues:

·Representations of black male masculinity
·Class difference
·Canon formation: Where do we situate Morrison in the teaching of American and/or African-American

Email 200 word abstracts, full-length papers, or questions by March 31, 2007 to:

Melissa Daniels
PhD Student
Department of English,
Northwestern University

CFP: 19th c. Am. Women Poets (grad) (2/16/07; (dis)junctions, 4/6/07-4/7/07)

Saturday, January 6, 2007 - 10:58pm

19th C. American Women Poets
This call for papers is for a proposed panel to be
held at (dis)junctions 2007: Malappropriation Nation
at the University of California Riverside's 14th
Annual Humanities Graduate Conference on April 6-7,

Contributors are invited to submit critical works on
19th C. American Women Poets. These papers can examine
texts by the authors and/or relevant critical and
biographical works.

Potential topics include:

CFP: Queerness and Violence (2/19/07; 6/2/07)

Saturday, December 16, 2006 - 1:46am
Cathy Hannabach

CFP: Queerness and Violence

Queer Studies Graduate Symposium
University of California, Davis
June 2, 2007

The war on terror has become the monolithic face of violence in dominant
cultural discourse at the same time that hate crime legislation has been
positioned as a marker of progress for the gay rights movement. Both of
these moves create an obsession with safety while simultaneously ignoring
other violences, such as police violence, domestic violence, the prison
industrial complex, and violences produced by medical establishments,
that continuously take and harm lives.

CFP: Disturbing Differences: Feminist Readings of Identity, Location and Power (Finland) (1/31/07; 5/18/07-5/19/07)

Saturday, December 16, 2006 - 1:16am
Sari Miettinen

Apologizes for cross posting.

Call for papers:

Disturbing Differences. Feminist Readings of Identity, Location and
Power - conference
Centre for Women's Studies, University of Turku, Finland
May 18-19, 2007

Confirmed keynote speakers:

Professor Elizabeth Grosz, Rutgers University
Professor Sara Ahmed, Goldsmiths College
Dr Leena-Maija Rossi, University of Helsinki
Dr Susanna Paasonen, University of Jyväskylä

CFP: Gender: Power and Authority (2/28/07; journal issue)

Saturday, December 16, 2006 - 1:16am
Johanna Maria Eleanor Green


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