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CFP: Neil Gaiman (grad) (2/1/06; (dis)junctions, 4/7/06-4/8/06)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006 - 2:33pm
Nowell Marshall

CFP: Neil Gaiman (grad) (2/1/06; disjunctions, 4/7/06-4/8/06)

This call for papers is a proposed panel to be held at Disjunctions, the
University of California,
Riverside's 13th Annual Humanities Conference, April 7-8, 2006. In keeping
with this year's
theme, Lost in Translation, this panel attempts to investigate how Neil
Gaiman's work translates
into academia.

Although he is probably best known for his Sandman series of graphic novels,
Gaiman is
also an acclaimed novelist. In an attempt to unify Gaiman's canon, this
panel welcomes readings
of both the Sandman and of his novels: Neverwhere, Good Omens, Stardust,
American Gods,
Coraline, and Anansi Boys.

CFP: Comitatus: A Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies (grad & jr faculty) (2/1/06; journal issue)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006 - 2:33pm
Sullivan, Blair

annually under the auspices of the UCLA Center for Medieval and
Renaissance Studies, invites the submission of articles by graduate
students and recent PhDs in any field of medieval and renaissance
studies. Double-spaced manuscripts should not exceed thirty-five pages
in length, and all references should be in footnotes. We prefer
submissions in the form of e-mail attachments in Windows format; paper
submissions are also accepted. Please include an e-mail address.


CFP: Death & Resurrection: Aspects & Approaches (grad) (UK) (3/1/06; 4/12/06-4/13/06)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006 - 2:32pm
Kenneth Clarke

The Second Oxford Graduate Medieval Conference will be held at Lincoln College, Oxford (UK) on April 12th and 13th, 2006.
Graduate papers are invited on topics related to all aspects of death and resurrection in the middle ages and the early modern period.
Contributions are welcome from diverse fields such as history of art, history, theology, philosophy, anthropology, literature and history of ideas.

Papers will be 20 minutes or less.
Please send 250 word abstracts in the body of your email (no attachments please) to by March 1 2006.

Suggested themes might include:-

UPDATE: Comparative Canadian Literature (grad) (1/31/06; 3/30/06)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006 - 2:32pm
Angélique Jones

The deadline for submissions has changed from 01/15/06 to 01/31/06.

Call for Papers

"A Certain Difficulty of Being" in 2006: Comparing and Translating the
Literatures of Canada and Québec
7th Annual Comparative Canadian Literature Graduate Student Conference
in collaboration with
Le Groupe de recherche sur l'édition littéraire au Québec (GRÉLQ)
Le groupe Bibliographie d'études comparées des littératures canadienne,
québécoise et étrangères.

Thursday March 30, 2006
Université de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada

CFP: Andy Warhol (grad) (2/10/06; (dis)junctions, 4/7/06-4/8/06)

Saturday, January 7, 2006 - 5:19pm
Elizabeth Spies

CFP: Andy Warhol

(dis)junctions: lost in translation
April 7-8, 2006
University of California, Riverside

This panel is concerned with all things Andy Warhol and his intersections
with contemporary culture. Topics are included but not limited to

-How has advertising changed since the pop art movement Warhol spearheaded?
-warhol's relationship to other artists – both his own contemporaries and
those who followed him
-How is he represented in literature (if at all)?
-analysis of his artistic technique
-papers that examine warhol's writings and films
- examination of film representations of Warhol and his life
-his influence on postmodernism

CFP: Slyvia Plath (grad) (2/10/06; (dis)junctions, 4/7/06-4/8/06)

Saturday, January 7, 2006 - 5:19pm
Elizabeth Spies

(dis)junctions: lost in translation
April 7-8, 2006
University of California, Riverside

This panel is concerned with all things Sylvia Plath. We are searching for
papers covering a wide range of Slyvia-related topics, including but not
limited to
-Plath and mainstream media
-papers that question the purely biographical representations of Plath
within the literary community
-feminist dialogues within and around Plath's works
-examinations of the recent Hollywood film Sylvia

Please send 250-300 word abstracts to by February
10, 2006. Please include any requests for media.

UPDATE: Remnants, Remainders, and Reconceptualizations (grad) (1/30/06; 3/23/06-3/25/06)

Saturday, January 7, 2006 - 4:15pm
EGSA Colloquium

Remnants, Remainders, and Reconceptualizations
March 23-25, 2006
English Graduate Students Association
Department of English
York University
Toronto, Canada

*Extended Deadline for Abstracts: January 30th, 2006*

Due to the nature of cultural production, both academic and creative,
it is inevitable that particular texts, objects, subjects, cultures,
and concepts will be marginalized or excluded, giving a confusing and
often contradictory cultural landscape to a coherence that is abstract
and problematic. How might we account for the remnants and remainders
that are scattered about our fields of inquiry? How might we begin to
reconceptualize these grounds?