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[UPDATED deadline] Women and the Production of Popular Culture in Québec between the Wars

Tuesday, December 15, 2015 - 4:54pm
Andrée Lafontaine and Louis Pelletier

Montréal – March 5, 2016 / Submission deadline extended to January 11, 2016

The interwar years represent a period of profound – if sometimes hardly perceptible – change for women in Québec. After massively entering the industrial workforce during the First World War, Québec women were enfranchised at the federal level, but had to keep battling conservative forces to gain voting rights at the provincial level. The era's press, popular music, theater, radio, as well as the French and Hollwyood films massively consumed by women introduced new ideas, and manifestations of a new vernacular modernism overlapped with traditional cultural productions.

Gender Equity and Social Justice in Education

Tuesday, December 15, 2015 - 2:37pm
St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto

The purpose of this conference is to gather scholars interested in the study of women and gender inequities in education throughout the world. We hope to stimulate discussion surrounding the social, political and economic factors that impede the progressive role of women around the world. We intend to gather scholars of gender inequities and human rights in order to provoke discussion and thought surrounding these areas.

Topics of discussion may include, but are not limited to:
-The eradication of gender-based violence and its effect on social growth

-The transformative power of education and its effect on women's social, political and economic opportunities in developing nations

Beyond the "Status" Question: New Paths to Self-Determination for the Peoples of Puerto Rico

Tuesday, December 15, 2015 - 8:50am
Universidad de Puerto Rico/Northeastern University

Summary: Debates on self-determination and sovereignty for the peoples of Puerto Rico have been framed by formulae developed during the Spanish colonial period to support claims for full integration into the kingdom, limited autonomy, and independence. Early during the US colonial regime these positions were hastily translated and have since fossilized along the lines of what has come to be known as the "Status Issue".

[UPDATE] Roald Dahl Centenary Conference 16th-18th June 2016

Tuesday, December 15, 2015 - 8:12am
Cardiff University

This interdisciplinary international conference, held in Cardiff, the city of Roald Dahl's birth and childhood, in his centenary year (16th-18th June 2016), will give further impetus to the substantial critical attention devoted to the author's work by seeking new ways of understanding his achievement and place in twentieth- and twenty-first-century culture, broadly considered. The emphasis will be on defamiliarizing Dahl in the very act of bringing him 'home'.

[UPDATE] Great Writing International Creative Writing conference (02/01; 06/18-06/19 2016)

Tuesday, December 15, 2015 - 7:45am
Great Writing International Creative Writing conference

Great Writing International Creative Writing Conference (UK)

Sat. June 18 – Sun. June 19 2016

Imperial College, London

Participants are invited for the 19th Annual Great Writing International Creative Writing Conference. All participants are able to play an active role in discussions.

A small number of presenter places are also still available. Proposals for presentation of critical work or for creative presentations (e.g. readings) will both be very welcome.

UPDATE: Cinemania: Madness and the Moving Image, February 19-20, deadline EXTENDED TO DEC. 23rd, 2015

Tuesday, December 15, 2015 - 1:52am
Anna Shechtman / Yale University

Cinemania: Madness and the Moving Image, February 19-20, deadline EXTENDED TO DEC. 23rd, 2015

Film and Media Studies Graduate Student Conference
Yale University
February 19-20, 2016

Keynote Speaker: W. J. T. Mitchell, Gaylord Donnelley Distinguished Serve Professor of English and Art History, University of Chicago

Closing Remarks: Francesco Casetti, Thomas E. Donnelley Professor of Humanities and Film and Media Studies, Yale University

Call for papers: The Humanities, the Neurosciences and the Brain

Monday, December 14, 2015 - 6:00pm
Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, UC Santa Barbara

The Interdisciplinary Humanities Center welcomes paper proposals for "The Humanities, the Neurosciences and the Brain," an interdisciplinary conference exploring the multiple accords, and discords, that characterize humanistic and neuroscientific approaches to the study of the brain. Gabrielle Starr, author of Feeling Beauty: The Neuroscience of Aesthetic Experience, will give the keynote address. We invite papers that explore creative framings of neuroscientific inquiry through humanistic perspectives, as well as artistic explorations of inner states and mental landscapes. We also welcome presentations that raise ethical, philosophical and social questions about neuroscientific knowledge of the brain and its functioning.

Paul Laurence Dunbar Society Panels at ALA 2016; May 26-29, 2016

Monday, December 14, 2015 - 5:58pm
Paul Laurence Dunbar Society

The Paul Laurence Dunbar Society will sponsor two sessions at the American Literature Association Conference in San Francisco, CA on May 26-29, 2016.

Session 1: Dunbar's "Standard English" Poetry