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CFP: Publishing & the Internet (on-line journal)

Tuesday, January 30, 1996 - 5:25am
Jack Lynch

The Public-Access Computer Systems Review, an electronic journal
established in 1989, is issuing a call for papers on scholarly
electronic publishing activities on the Internet. The journal
has published a number of papers on this topic in the past, and
the editors are interested in exploring contemporary e-publishing
projects and perspectives.

Potential topics of interest include:

     o State-of-the-art overviews of the e-publishing of
          books, journals, preprints, and other materials.

CFP: Renaissance Forum (on-line journal)

Tuesday, November 7, 1995 - 4:16pm
Jack Lynch


The first issue of Renaissance Forum, a new electronic journal of
early-modern literary and historical studies, will appear in March
1996. It is edited from the University of Hull by Glenn Burgess
(History) and Robin Headlam Wells (English). The journal will be
available on the World Wide Web.

Jrnl for Psychoanalysis of Culture & Society

Wednesday, June 28, 1995 - 4:41pm
Lawrence Warner

The Association for the Psychoanalysis of Culture and Society is
sponsoring a new publication, the Journal for the Psychoanalysis of
Culture and Society. The editor is Mark Bracher, and the contributing
editors are Parveen Adams, Marshall W. Alcorn, Jr., Willy Apollon,
Jeffrey Berman, Homi Bhabha, Joan Copjec, Terry Eagleton, Juliet Flower
MacCannell, Renata Salecl, Robert Samuels, Claudia Tate, Victor
Wolfstein, Jean Wyatt, Slavoj Zizek. The journal will have a section set
aside for various fields where recent, relevant psychoanalytic work will
be mentioned; it is intended that one of these fields will be "medieval"
(or perhaps "premodern").

New Journal: Victorian Culture

Wednesday, June 28, 1995 - 4:29pm
Lawrence Warner

> Preliminary Announcement and Call for Papers
> Journal of Victorian Culture
> The launch is announced of a new British-based but internationally-
> oriented Victorian Studies journal to be published twice yearly from
> January 1996 onwards, providing a focus for scholarly interchange and
> debate on all aspects of the Victorian period.

Ben Jonson Journal

Wednesday, June 28, 1995 - 4:24pm
Lawrence Warner

***************** _The Ben Jonson Journal_ ********************

Editors Richard Harp and Stanley Stewart are pleased to announce
that the first issue of the _Ben Jonson Journal_ will be released
this month.

_The Ben Jonson Journal_ is devoted to the study of Jonson as well
as all English Renaissance authors and their cultural, historical,
and religious milieux. Published annually, each issue will be at
least two hundred pages.