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SCMLA Technology in the Classroom Panel

Monday, March 12, 2018 - 9:29am
South Central Modern Language Association
deadline for submissions: 
Friday, April 20, 2018

The South Central Modern Language Association Technology in the Classroom session is currently searching for conference papers that discuss utilizing technology while teaching. Papers on any related topic will be considered for the session taking place during SCMLA's 75th Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas from October 11-14, 2018.


Please send an abstract of up to 200 words discussing how you effectively use technology in the classroom to and

My Victorian Novel: an edited collection

Sunday, April 1, 2018 - 9:20pm
Annette R. Federico
deadline for submissions: 
Tuesday, May 1, 2018

 My Victorian Novel

Isobel Armstrong has lamented that the way we teach the Victorian novel, with enthusiasm and delight, is so different from the way we criticize it. I wonder if this is also partially true about the way we really read and experience Victorian novels, if there is a Wemmick-like division between the absorbed and happy reader, cozy and contented in the Castle, and the buttoned-up professor at the lectern or the laptop. Rereading Victorian fiction over time, for our classes or our scholarship, must at some level involve a relaxation of feeling, the evocation of memories, psychic immersion, and moral engagement––alongside critical distance, objectivity, or suspicion. 

German linguistics, literature, culture

Thursday, March 8, 2018 - 10:38am
German Journal
deadline for submissions: 
Tuesday, May 15, 2018

We want to offer researchers the possibility to reflect on “German” in all its facets and its place in the world.

We are interested in academic studies focusing on the analysis of  Linguistics Theories; Language Form; Language Meaning; Language in Context; Teaching Methodologies; Theories of Second or Foreign Language Acquisition; Theories of Second or Foreign Language Teaching; Technology used in the Classroom; Materials Design; Curriculum Development; Historical Linguistics and more as they relate to German language.

The Future of Humanities in the 21st Century

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 - 12:15pm
deadline for submissions: 
Thursday, March 15, 2018

Major civilizations of the world – Indian and Greek – based their models of education on inter-relatedness of various disciplines. However, with the focus on specialization and technology, liberal arts suffered at the expense of science and technology. But recently the discipline of Liberal arts and Human sciences has attained an unprecedented popularity in various Universities all over the world. The present world of the 21st century is strongly underpinned by rapid developments in the field of science and technology and accompanied by the ever-spreading roots of a global economy. The question then arises as to what role liberal education can play in the world mired in technological innovations spawned by globalization.

Peace, Literature, and Pedagogy (MMLA) *Deadline extended

Friday, April 6, 2018 - 10:42am
Matthew Horton / University of North Georgia
deadline for submissions: 
Sunday, April 15, 2018

CFP for Peace, Literature, and Pedagogy

MMLA 2018


Peace, Literature, and Pedagogy Panel
Topic: “Consuming Cultures”

The Midwest Modern Language association invites proposals for the 2018 conference in Kansas City, Missouri. Papers on any topic will be considered, yet participants are welcome to explore this year's conference theme: “Consuming Cultures.” A general description of this theme can be found here.


Call for Proposals: Black Panther Model United Nations Simulations

Monday, March 5, 2018 - 11:18am
Roberto Sirvent, Hope International University
deadline for submissions: 
Sunday, January 20, 2019

We invite scholars, educators, activists, and college students to help create Model UN simulations based off the comic book series The Black Panther. The goal is to create an online archive of Black Panther committee simulations that are made available at no cost to middle schools, high schools, and universities organizing their own Model UN conferences.

Those interested are encouraged to contact Roberto Sirvent at When contacting Roberto, please indicate one (or more) of the following that best describes you:

East Texas English Language & Literature: English & Literature in the College Classroom

Monday, March 5, 2018 - 11:13am
Renee Williams / Angelina College
deadline for submissions: 
Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Angelina College Language Arts and Education Division seeks 250-word proposals for 15-20 minute presentations for East Texas English Language & Literature: English & Literature in the College Classroom. The conference will be held October 6, 2018, at Angelina College in Lufkin, Texas. We welcome submissions regarding all aspects of English language and literature, but preference will be given to proposals from English faculty and graduate students addressing effective, innovative post-secondary ELA education in the following areas:

Fugitive Futures: Graduate Students of Color Un-Settling the University

Friday, March 23, 2018 - 12:49pm
The University of Texas at Austin
deadline for submissions: 
Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Graduate Student Conference 
Fugitive Futures: Graduate Students of Color Un-Settling the University 

21-22 September 2018, The University of Texas at Austin 


“...the subversive intellectual came under false pretenses….Her labor is as necessary as it is unwelcome. The university needs what she bears but cannot bear what she brings”

—  Fred Moten and Stefano Harney, The Undercommons: Fugitive Planning and Black Study


CFP: Creative Writing Education Today: A national celebration (4/30/18 - 10/5/18)

Thursday, March 1, 2018 - 9:04am
Creative Writing Education today: a national symposium
deadline for submissions: 
Monday, April 30, 2018

Creative Writing Education Today
A national celebration

October 5 2018Tampa, Fl9.00 am - 5.00 pmVenue: Marshall Center, University of South Florida
Call for Presentations

You are invited to propose a short paper (15 minutes) and to engage in discussions in this unique nomadic symposium (beginning in Tampa, Florida in October 2018). Papers can explore any topic in such areas of interest as:

- New ideas in Creative Writing Teaching and Learning
- Assessment
- National and global developments in Creative Writing Research
- Co- Curricular Opportunities

- The Future for Creative Writing / Creative Writing Studies

The Embodied Grad Student in Relation

Tuesday, February 27, 2018 - 3:52pm
Modern Language Association
deadline for submissions: 
Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Embodied Grad Student in Relation This panel considers the importance of various forms of self-making, kinship, coalition, and allyship within the graduate student experience. With an attention to concepts of power and notions of identity, it seeks to explore how we survive and thrive in the academy variously as individuals, as part of communities, and in relation to our objects of study. Abstracts (200 words max) and CV to Christine "Xine" Yao ( and Barbra Chin ( This is a guaranteed session organized by the MLA Committee on the Status of Graduate Students in the Humanities.