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CFP: Special issue- "Women in Buddhism"

Monday, August 14, 2017 - 10:29am
deadline for submissions: 
Thursday, March 1, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

The topic of women in Buddhism spans a large geographical and historical expanse, beginning some 2500 years ago during the lifetime of the historical Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama. Throughout the history of Buddhism, women—their status within the traditions, their contributions, and their myriad roles—have been a subject of attention and concern.  The present volume seeks to examine how women’s roles in Buddhism have changed over time, how the women’s ordination movement has developed in specific contexts, and how women have changed the landscape of Buddhism, both as practitioners (lay and monastic) and as scholars in the field.

(1) This issue will examine the changing landscape of women in Buddhism;

disClosure, vol 27: Archives

Monday, August 14, 2017 - 10:30am
disClosure: A Journal of Social Theory
deadline for submissions: 
Friday, December 1, 2017

disClosure: A Journal of Social Theory, Vol. 27: Archives

Call for Papers

Submission Deadline: December 1, 2017


CFP for ACLA Convention in Los Angeles  March 29-April 1, 2018  Tropical Disasters: New Approaches from the Environmental Humanities

Thursday, September 7, 2017 - 3:46pm
Charlotte Rogers
deadline for submissions: 
Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The interdisciplinary field of the environmental humanities offers new ways of considering tropical disasters.  Hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and similar incidents were once thought to be acts of God or isolated natural occurrences.  New eco-critical approaches to the field, however, challenge the separation between human activity and environmental events.  

Minor Print Cultures of the Nineteenth-Century United States

Saturday, September 9, 2017 - 1:38pm
Northeast Modern Language Association 2018 Annual Convention
deadline for submissions: 
Saturday, September 30, 2017

Northeast Modern Language Association Annual Convention

April 12-15, 2018 / Pittsburgh, PA

"Minor Print Cultures of the Nineteenth-Century United States" (Panel)

Twenty-First Century Historical Fictions

Monday, August 7, 2017 - 9:35am
Northeast Modern Language Association (Pittsburgh, April 12-15, 2018)
deadline for submissions: 
Saturday, September 30, 2017

Over the past two decades, a preponderance of Man Booker Prize winning novels (and even short-listees) have restored to life vanished worlds, suggesting that the appeal of the past persists in contemporary Anglophone fiction. This roundtable seeks to showcase contemporary historical fiction written since 2000 in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. If historical novels represent sites of contested memory or cultural trauma, then which critical junctures do these recent novels depict? Possible areas of exploration might include wartime novels post-Pat Barker, the evolution of neo-Victorianism, the roles of pastiche and parody, the status of historical metafiction, and the new directions taken by novels from the Antipodes.

Defining Nationhood

Monday, August 7, 2017 - 9:33am
Harry Olufunwa/ Journal for Theatre and Cultural Studies, vol. 3
deadline for submissions: 
Thursday, November 30, 2017

In an age in which the centripetal forces of multilateralism are being challenged by the centrifugal pressures of populism, nationalist agitation and the rediscovery of indigenous forms of collective identity, what exactly is nationhood?

Once defined as the enhanced awareness of one's exclusive nationhood, and laden with associated emotional impulses of pride and belonging, conventional ideas of nationhood are being challenged as never before.

Literature and Generation

Friday, August 4, 2017 - 2:13pm
Jan Lensen / Freie Universität Berlin
deadline for submissions: 
Friday, September 15, 2017

The term ‘generation’ has played a formative role in literary histories of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries to articulate notions of evolution, rupture, and continuity. Its use is, however, not uncontested and has been the subject of intense scholarly scrutiny in literary studies and cultural memory studies over the last two decades. As Astrid Erll has noted, the concept of ‘generation’ is marked by two dimensions: generationality and genealogy. The first term indicates how generations define themselves or are defined on the basis of a shared ‘space of experience’ (Koselleck); the second term points at the relation generations maintain to what or who precedes them.

Bold Women - Special Issue of eTropic

Friday, August 4, 2017 - 2:19pm
James Cook Univesrity
deadline for submissions: 
Saturday, September 30, 2017

Etropic Call for papers: Bold Women Write Back

CALL FOR PAPERS: Bold Women Write Back

 Special Issue Volume 16, No 2, 2017

Submission deadline: 30 Sept 2017