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CFP: [Rhetoric-Composition] Research Network Forum at CCCC 09

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 - 12:44am
Dr. Katherine V. Wills

The 22nd Annual Research Network Forum at CCCC will be held Wednesday,
March 11, 2009 at the San Francisco Hilton. RNF is an all-day pre-
conference event, open to all registered conference participants at no
charge. We will be accepting online proposals for work-in-progress
presenters, discussion leaders, and editors until October, 31, 2008 at Roundtable discussion will group those with similar
interest and discussion leaders who will facilitate discussion and offer
suggestions for developing research projects and for finding suitable
venues for publication. We encourage anyone interested or involved in

CFP: [Rhetoric-Composition] SAMLA panel on WAC/WID and genre

Monday, April 21, 2008 - 8:16pm
Sonya C. Brown

SAMLA 2008 Panel Description

Critical Thinking and the Rhet/Comp Classroom: WAC/WID/Genre

Critical Thinking and the Rhet/Comp Classroom announces two sessions
focused on the complexities, complications, and influence of Writing
Across the Curriculum (WAC), Writing In the Disciplines (WID), and genre
in the shaping of the horizons as well as day-to-day experiences of the
college rhetoric and composition classroom.

1. WAC/WID & Pedagogies of Style and Audience Address

CFP: [Rhetoric-Composition] CCCC 2009: From Writing Center to Writing Classroom

Sunday, April 20, 2008 - 4:51pm
Evelyn Reid

Tutoring writing and teaching writing are two very different undertakings.
Writing Centers offer a very individualized learning environment that is
difficult to emulate in a classroom setting. At the same time, the goals
that one sets for an entire class are vastly different thant the goals for
a tutoring session. For those of us expereinced in both worlds, these
differences can be both troublesome and inspiring.
I am seeking papers/presentations that address any of the following topics:
How does tutoring experience affect your teaching style?

How does teaching experience affect your tutoring style?

What role does the Writing Center play in your classes?

CFP: [Rhetoric-Composition] CCCC Panel: Revisiting the Bartholomae/Elbow "Debate"

Tuesday, April 15, 2008 - 3:04pm
Ellen C. Carillo

Recently, in an effort to “reawaken the discussion of voice” in the
teaching of composition, Peter Elbow argued that we should “learn to
adopt contrary stances toward voiceâ€"reading texts through the lens of
voice and also reading them through the lens of ‘text’ or not-voice”
(“Reconsiderations: Voice in Writing Again: Embracing Contraries,”
College English, November 2007). Elbow contends that in taking this
approach not only in discussions of voice but in our scholarship more
generally, we will “be wiser in our scholarly thinking and writing” and
will be “released from dead-end critical arguments that are framed by the

UPDATE: [Rhetoric-Composition] Collection: Don't Panic!: The Instructor's Guide to Assignments and Activities

Tuesday, April 8, 2008 - 2:34pm
Vickie Willis

CFP (Collection) UPDATE: Don’t Panic!: The Instructor’s Guide to Assignments and Activities for
First Year Composition

The deadline for submissions has been extended to May 7. The response has been
overwhelming, and I want to encourage even more people to submit, and extend the deadline
further for those who have requested it. Thank you to everyone who has submitted so far and to
everyone who has given me feedbackâ€"your enthusiasm has made me even more excited about
this collection!

UPDATE: [Rhetoric-Composition] WAC Outreach (4/15/08; MMLA, 11/13-16/08)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008 - 10:08pm
Melanie Brown

Writing Across the Curriculum is a permanent section of the Midwest Modern
Language Association. The 50th annual M/MLA convention will take place from
November 13-16, 2008, in Minneapolis.

WAC Outreach and Partnerships
How do WPAs of WAC programs reach out to different constituencies at
community colleges, SLACs, universities, and other institutions? If your
WAC program calls for refreshing, how do you rekindle faculty, student,
and/or administrative involvement?

Presentations exploring outreach, curricular development, emphases on WAC
as local, and connections or partnerships forged between WAC and other
campus programs especially welcome.

CFP: [Rhetoric-Composition] CCCC Panel: Themed Sections of Freshman Composition

Monday, March 31, 2008 - 11:10pm
Grace Wetzel

In "Why Johnny Can’t Write, Even Through He Went to Princeton" (2003),
Thomas Bartlett describes the increasing trend toward themed sections of
freshman composition at Ivy League institutions. Interestingly, while
there is evidence that themed sections are popular among not merely
liberal arts schools, but some larger universities, there is little
published scholarship on this topic.