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UPDATE: Creative Forces: Women, Art, Science (12/1/06; MAWSA, 3/31/07)

Thursday, October 12, 2006 - 3:20pm
Dr. Lois Gilmore

1, Deadline for proposals has been extended to December 1, 2006


2. Scheduled to appear: Sandy Stone (Associate Professor at the University
of Texas at Austin, Senior Artist at the Banff Centre, Professor of New
Media and Performance at the European Graduate School EGS. Artist.
Performer. Author) and Paula Rothenberg, (author, served as director of The
New Jersey Project on Inclusive Scholarship, Curriculum, and Teaching).

CFP: Literature and Science (11/1/06; PCA/ACA, 4/4/07-4/7/07)

Monday, October 9, 2006 - 3:48pm
Ian Roberts

The Literature and Science Area of the American Culture Association
invites submissions for the 2007 PCA/ACA National Conference, to be held
in beautiful Boston, Massachusetts from April 4-7, 2007.

Interpretive papers focusing on the representation or integration of
science in specific literary texts are especially encouraged. However,
proposals dealing with any aspect of the interdisciplinary field of
literature and science are welcome. Topics related to the interrelations
of the humanities and sciences include:

CFP: British Society for Literature and Science (UK) (11/30/06; 3/29/07-3/31/07)

Monday, October 9, 2006 - 3:48pm
Alice Jenkins

The Second Conference of the British Society for Literature and Science

Proposals for 20-minute papers are invited for the second annual conference of the British Society for Literature and Science. The conference will be held at the Birmingham and Midlands Institute in central Birmingham, hosted by the University of Central England, from 29-31 March 2007. Plenary speakers include Robert Crawford and Jenny Uglow.

Papers may address topics in the interactions of literature and science in any period and any languages. Presenters need not be based in UK institutions.

We also invite panel proposals for three papers of 20 minutes or four papers of 15 minutes; members of the panel should be drawn from more than one institution.

CFP: Humanities and Neuroscience (12/15/06; 4/20/06-4/21/06)

Monday, October 9, 2006 - 3:48pm
John Hunter

 From the Brain to Human Culture: Intersections
between the Humanities and Neuroscience

An interdisciplinary conference sponsored by the
Comparative Humanities Program at Bucknell University to be held at

Bucknell University
Lewisburg, PA
April 20-21, 2007
Confirmed Plenary Speakers:

Prof. Andy Clark,
Dept. of Philosophy, University of Edinburgh

Prof. Michael Gazzaniga
Dept. of Psychology, University of California at Santa Barbara

CFP: Transdisciplinarity and the Unity of Knowledge: Beyond the Science and Religion Dialogue (12/15/06; 6/2/07-6/6/07)

Friday, October 6, 2006 - 7:58pm
Elizabeth Kenny

Transdisciplinarity and the Unity of Knowledge: Beyond the Science and
Religion Dialogue

2 June 2007 to 06 June 2007

Philadelphia, United States


The challenge of the 21st century is to integrate or synthesize the
exponential growth in human knowledge into meaningful wholes. But is a unity
of knowledge possible? This conference asks questions that transcend
disciplinary boundaries.


The deadline for abstracts/proposals is 15 December 2006.



Web address:

Sponsored by: Metanexus Institute



Thank you,

CFP: Art, History and Science (10/28/06; online journal issue)

Saturday, September 9, 2006 - 3:49pm
Irene Aparicio, Number 5, October-January 2006
  Deadline for submissions is October 28, 2006.
  For next issue planned for November 2006, the editors of the invite essays and artworks with new approaches to the long-discussed topics of art and history, aesthetics, bio-science and technology in music, literature, cinema, video art, photography, architecture, new media, painting, and other arts.
  We are especially interested in essays and artworks that address the convergences of the science and technology studies with art studies, or reconsider the encounters of arts with specific historical events (new discoveries of science, technology development, political and social mutations, and wars).

CFP: A Lacan Primer (10/5/06; Narrative, 3/15/07-3/18/07)

Saturday, September 9, 2006 - 3:48pm
Kelly McGuire

CFP: A Lacan Primer (10/5/06; Narrative '07, 3/15/07-3/18/07)

Society for the Study of Narrative Literature
2007 International Conference on Narrative
Washington D.C.
March 15-18 2007

A Lacan Primer: Children's Narrative Through Lacan, Lacan through
Children's Narrative

CFP: Psycho-Traumatology and 19th Century Authorship (9/18/06; NEMLA, 4/1/07-4/4/07)

Saturday, September 9, 2006 - 2:53pm
Jillmarie Murphy

Psycho-Traumatology and 19th Century Authorship: 38th Annual NEMLA =
Convention, March 1-4, 2007 Baltimore, Maryland. This panel proposes to =
examine the connection between the real-life trauma of nineteenth =
century authors and their body of work. In what ways did their childhood =
and/or adolescent traumas inform and shape 19th century writings? How =
much narrative distance is there between the traumatized author and =
his/her work? What are the various traumas that serve to influence =
writers of the nineteenth century? Possible trauma topics include: Death =
and/or Suicide and/or Murder; Poverty; Incest; Physical and/or Emotional =

UPDATE: Sustainability and the Literary Imagination (Taiwan) (9/15/06; 11/17/06-11/18/06)

Saturday, September 9, 2006 - 2:53pm
Hannes Bergthaller

The deadline has been extended, and the program extended by another day
- see below:


International Conference

Sustainability and the Literary Imagination:
Transdisciplinary and Intercultural Perspectives

November 17th-18th, 2006
Department of English
National Taipei University of Technology, Taipei, Taiwan

Call for papers