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Who Counts & Who's Counting?--Submission deadline December 1

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National Association of Ethnic Studies
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38th Annual National Conference
April 8-10, 2010
L’Enfant Plaza Hotel, Washington, D.C.

CFP "Between Poetry and Philosophy. Deadline for submissions: May 17, 2010

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Mosaic, a journal for the interdisciplinary study of literature, University of Manitoba
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Address inquiries and submissions to: Mosaic

Toni Morrison Society at American Literature Association Conference May 27-30, 2010

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Toni Morrison Society
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Toni Morrison Society panels at

American Literature Association
21st Annual Conference

Dates: May 27-30, 2010

Deleuze: Ethics and Politics (April 9-10, 2010)

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The 4th Biennial Philosophy and Literature Conference at Purdue University
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The philosopher Michel Serres once described Gilles Deleuze as "an excellent example of the dynamic movement of free and inventive thinking." Without a doubt, Deleuze was one of the most singular and

CFP: Plenum

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The editors of Plenum: The South Carolina State University Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies (ISSN 2151-0377), a peer reviewed journal, invite contributions for the Spring 2010 number of t

Currents in Electronic Literacy, Spring 2010 Issue: "Gaming-Across-the-Curriculum" (submissions due 1/15/2010)

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Currents in Electronic Literacy / Digital Writing & Research Lab (DWRL), UT-Austin
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Currents in Electronic Literacy (ISSN #1524-6493) solicits submissions related to the theme below. Submissions are due by Friday, January 15, 2010.

Spring 2010 issue: "Gaming-Across-the-Curriculum: Playing as a Way of Learning"

“Good game design,” writes James Paul Gee in “Learning and Games,” “has a lot to teach us about good learning, and contemporary learning theory has something to teach us about how to design even better and deeper games.” The burgeoning field of pedagogical gaming has inspired emergent journals (GameStudies; Games and Culture), new institutions (e.g., the Game Studies Research Center at the IT University of Copenhagen), and interdisciplinary approaches. This issue of Currents features guest editors Jan Holmevik and Cynthia Haynes of Clemson University’s Gaming Across the Curriculum (GAC) program (, which examines current and potential uses of gaming within the academy.

CFP - Glossator: Practice and Theory of the Commentary (March 2010)

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Nicola Masciandaro, CUNY
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Spectrum calling for submissions DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 12, 2010

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Spectrum Literary Magazine
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SPECTRUM is an annual journal of art and literature published by UC Santa Barbara's College of Creative Studies. Founded in 1957, it is the longest-standing literary magazine in the UC system.

Points of Contact: Moving East to West,16th Annual Multicultural Conference, April 20-22, 2010

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Laurie Lopez Coleman, English/San Antonio College Multicultural Conference, San Antonio, TX
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The West has enjoyed a commanding supremacy in culture and world affairs for several centuries, but the 21st Century finds the East exerting a powerful influence on the West.

Literature and Criticism after Secularism, ACLA Seminar, April 1-4, 2010

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Thomas Dancer, U of Wisconsin Madison; Jack Dudley, U of Wisconsin Madison
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Much scholarship on modern and contemporary literature has taken it as an article of faith that writers either turned away from or actively rejected religion.

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