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CFP: Language, Ideology, and the Human (11/30/05; ACLA, 3/23/06-3/26/06)

Saturday, October 29, 2005 - 6:48pm
Sanja Bahun-Radunovic

American Comparative Literature Association Conference 2006
(Princeton University, March 23-26)


Language, Ideology, and the Human

Organizers and chairs: Dusan Radunovic, University of Sheffield, and Sanja
Bahun, Rutgers University

CFP: Going Awry (grad) (1/23/06; 3/23/06-3/25/06)

Monday, October 24, 2005 - 4:13am
Amy Rubens


A National Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference

March 23rd, 24th, and 25th 2006
Indiana University—Bloomington

Seeking both scholarly and creative submissions

Possible topics may include:
Entropy and chaos
Parody and pastiche
Challenges to normative models
"Deviant" subcultures
Productive misreadings
Chance and serendipity
Disaster and trauma
Benefits of "failure"
The artist as "deviant"
Comic misunderstandings
Theories of fallibility
Fallibility of theories

Send 250 word abstracts by January 23, 2006 to:

CFP: Other Dreams (11/1/05; ACLA, 3/23/06-3/26/06)

Monday, October 24, 2005 - 4:12am
Margaret W. Cotter-Lynch

Paper proposals are invited for the following seminar at the 2006
American Comparative Literature Association Annual Conference in
Princeton, NJ:

Other Dreams

CFP: Spaces of Dissent (1/13/06; MRG, 3/30/06-4/1/06)

Monday, October 24, 2005 - 3:12am

The 8th Annual Conference of the Marxist Reading Group
"Spaces of Dissent: The Borders of Transnational Dreams"
Keynote Speakers: Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak and Peter Hitchcock
March 30-April 1, 2006 at the University of Florida

CFP: Betwixt and Between II: Memory and Cultural Translation (Ireland) (12/15/05; 4/18/06-4/21/06)

Monday, October 24, 2005 - 3:10am
Stephen Kelly

Betwixt and Between II: Memory and Cultural Translation

Queen's University Belfast, April 18-21, 2006

The School of English and School of Languages, Literatures and Arts, =20
in association with the Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry invite papers =20=


Memory and Cultural Translation

In recent years, the cultural and historical work of memory has been =20
of considerable interest to scholars working in all areas of the =20

This conference wishes to explore ways in which translation and cross-=20=

CFP: Medea: Mutations and Permutations of a Myth (UK) (12/15/05; 7/17/06-7/19/06)

Monday, October 24, 2005 - 3:10am
Heike Bartel

Medea, the notorious infanticidal non-Greek wife of Jason, is a figure from Classical mythology who challenges the boundaries of behaviour and understanding and has proved both a creative and an intellectual challenge for countless writers, artists, composers and performing artists since Euripides and before.

We invite proposals for papers for the
cross- and interdisciplinary conference:

Medea: Mutations and Permutations of a Myth

Clifton Hill House, Bristol, UK
17th - 19th July 2006
Jointly organised by the Universities of Bristol and Nottingham

CFP: Literary Consumption (grad) (1/15/06; 3/17/06-3/18/06)

Monday, October 24, 2005 - 3:09am

Equinoxes 2006
Call For Conference Papers
"La consommation littéraire / Literary Consumption"
"Je ne sacrifie que a moy (aux dieux poinct) et a cestuy mon Ventre le plus grand de tous les Dieux." - Rabelais, Le Quart Livre.

The Department of French Studies at Brown University announces its 14th annual Graduate Conference

March 17-18, 2006

We invite graduate students to present 15-minute papers relevant to the dual theme of "literary consumption" - in texts dealing with consumption as well as the consumption of texts themselves. We welcome submissions that treat French and Francophone works, as well as broader cultural or theoretical issues, from the Middle Ages to the present.