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CFP: Narrative Matters 2006: The Storied Nature of Human Experience (12/15/05; 5/25/06-5/27/06)

Sunday, November 27, 2005 - 9:44pm
Richard Koenigsberg

NARRATIVE MATTERS 2006: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Narrative
Research, Perspectives, Approaches, and Issues Across the Humanities and
Social Sciences

THEME: The Storied Nature of Human Experience: Fact and Fiction

DATES: May 25-27, 2006
DEADLINE for proposals: Dec. 15, 2005
LOCATION: Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Dr. Robyn Fivush, Samuel Chandler Dobbs Professor of
Psychology, Emory University, "Memory and Narrative, Self and Voice;" R.
Murray Schafer, Composer, "And Wolf Shall Inherit the Moon: The collective
creation of a myth;" Bob Barton, Storyteller, "Making Stories Happen"

UPDATE: Re-Visioning the Canon (grad) (1/30/06; RCEGSA, 3/25/06)

Sunday, November 27, 2005 - 9:43pm
Lynda L. Hinkle

  Call for Papers:
  CFP: Rutgers University-Camden English Graduate Student Conference
  in Camden, NJ (home of Walt Whitman!) close to Philadelphia, PA
  Re-visioning the Canon
  Visit our website at
  Rutgers-Camden English Graduate Student Association (RCEGSA) invites papers from graduate students for an interdisciplinary conference on the theme of "Re-visioning the Canon". Papers may demonstrate a wide range of approaches including, but not restricted to:
    Children's literature
  Gothic Literature
  Multicultural approaches
  Theory and criticism's place in the "canon"

CFP: Remnants, Remainders, and Reconceptualizations (grad) (1/16/06; 3/23/06-3/25/06)

Sunday, November 27, 2005 - 9:43pm
EGSA Colloquium

Remnants, Remainders, and Reconceptualizations
March 23-25, 2006
English Graduate Students Association
Department of English
York University
Toronto, Canada

Due to the nature of cultural production, both academic and creative,
it is inevitable that particular texts, objects, subjects, cultures,
and concepts will be marginalized or excluded, giving a confusing and
often contradictory cultural landscape to a coherence that is abstract
and problematic. How might we account for the remnants and remainders
that are scattered about our fields of inquiry? How might we begin to
reconceptualize these grounds?

CFP: (1968) A Symposium (12/15/05; 4/7/06-4/9/06)

Sunday, November 27, 2005 - 9:43pm
Nicholas Muellner

A Symposium
April 7-9, 2006
Roy H. Park School of Communications, Ithaca College

One word on everyone=92s lips in May =9268 was =93contestation.=94 It =20=

expresses a fundamental version of freedom: not freedom to change or =20
to succeed, but freedom to revolt, to call things into question.
-Julia Kristeva

This symposium represents an effort to look at a broad and dramatic =20
historical moment with an eye towards the radical sense of =20
possibility and inquiry that it contained. This event will bring =20
together a dynamic range of scholars and media-makers whose work =20
directly engages the period=92s international breadth of activism and =20=

CFP: Counter-movements, Institutions & Difference (UK) (3/30/06; 7/24/06-7/25/06)

Monday, November 21, 2005 - 9:33pm
Bran Nicol

Institutions of difference

A two-day conference to be held at the
University of Portsmouth 24-25 July 2006

Confirmed international speakers: J. Hillis Miller, University of California, Irvine;
Samuel Weber, Northwestern University; Peggy Kamuf, University of Southern
California; Tom Keenan, Bard College; Christopher Fynsk, University of Aberdeen;
Herman Rapaport, University of Southampton; Nicholas Royle, University of Sussex;
John Schad, University of Loughborough.