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UPDATE: Theory Faith Culture (UK) (4/15/07; 7/4/07-7/6/07)

Sunday, February 4, 2007 - 6:30pm
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*****please note revised deadline *****

Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory

Theory Faith Culture

— an international interdisciplinary conference —

Cardiff University

4 – 6 July 2007

Second Call for Papers

Religion is one of the most contested aspects of twenty-first century life. How can we understand and theorise the power of religion in the constitution of subjects and in its social, cultural and political manifestations?

This conference will look at the interface between Theory, Faith and Culture. It will explore a range of theoretical approaches to the subject and attempt to further our understanding of some of the most important and pressing issues of the day.

CFP: Signposts of Fictionality (3/10/07; MLA '07)

Friday, February 2, 2007 - 12:01am
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David Gorman
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Discussions solicited of linguistic or other conventional means used to
indicate that a stretch of discourse is fictional. Discussion of such
markers can also address how they can be defeated and otherwise
exploited by narrative writers, obviously: the working assumption will
be that there is no device that, of itself, GUARANTEES the fictional
status of the discourse in which it appears. ...Or perhaps there is?
Since this question stands at the frontier of current research, it needs
a thorough discussion. Inaugurating one is the goal of the panel.
Proposals mixing generalities with multiple examples will be preferred.
Critiques of previous treatments are also pertinent.

CFP: Improvisation and Text (3/5/07; 4/5/07-4/7/07)

Thursday, February 1, 2007 - 11:59pm
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Steph Brown
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The Graduate English Students' Association in the University of Virginia's
Department of English would like to invite submissions to our annual
conference, to be held from April 5th to April 7th, 2007.
This conference invites papers that examine the relationship between texts
and the practice of improvisation. Creative works inevitably involve
improvisations of various kinds in their dealings with previous genre
categories, innovations within the formal boundaries of their media, and
even gaps between their own expectations and the end product. How do texts
register these dynamics through moments of improvisation? Is improvisation

UPDATE: Authenticity and the Lyric Voice (UK) (3/2/07; 5/12/07-5/13/07)

Thursday, February 1, 2007 - 11:59pm
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Rachel Buxton
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Keynote speaker announced


Authenticity and the Lyric Voice

Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre
Oxford Brookes University
May 12-13, 2007


CONFIRMED SPEAKERS: Robert Hampson; Vicki Bertram; Nick Selby; Jahan Ramazani



'Authenticity and the Lyric Voice' is a two-day colloquium taking place at
Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, over the weekend of May 12-13, 2007.

CFP: Making Sense Of: Dying and Death 5 (UK) (3/26/07; 7/9/07-7/12/07)

Thursday, February 1, 2007 - 11:58pm
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Dr Rob Fisher

5th Global Conference
Making Sense Of: Dying and Death

Monday 9th July - Thursday 12th July 2007
Mansfield College, Oxford

Call for Papers
This inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary research and
publications project aims to create a forum for examining the links
between living and dying, and some of the contradictions and paradoxes
that arise in our attitudes to death.

Papers, presentations, reports and workshops are also warmly invited
on any of the following indicative themes (or their combinations):

UPDATE: Literature After Literature: 21st Century Re-readings (2/15/07; 4/22/07)

Thursday, February 1, 2007 - 11:09pm
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New submission deadline: Feb. 15, 2007


Literature After Literature: 21st Century Re-readings

The English Graduate Student Organization at the University at Albany
(SUNY) seeks papers for its annual graduate student conference that is
being held in April in conjunction with a visit by and conference on
H?l?ne Cixous, the world-renown French feminist scholar, novelist, and
playwright. This year's topic, "What does it mean to read in the 21st
century??, is inspired by Cixous' politically-charged work across various
genres. The conference will explore an array of questions relating to the
reading of literature today.

CFP: Linguistic Approaches to Literature. What is Literary Language? (3/12/07; MLA '07)

Thursday, February 1, 2007 - 10:35pm
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Clai Rice
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Modern Language Association [Chicago, 27-30 Dec. 2007]
Division of Linguistic Approaches to Literature:

What is Literary Language? Three sessions exploring literature as
linguistic discourse, style, register, speech act, or aspect of

Type of submission: 300-500-word abstract by 12 March
2007. Send abstract as email attachment to Julia Karolle-Berg
( and Claiborne Rice (

CFP: Writing Across the Gender Boundary (3/1/07; SAMLA, 11/9/07-11/11/07)

Thursday, February 1, 2007 - 10:33pm
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Emily Kader
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Writing Across the Gender Boundary: SAMLA Women=92s Studies Panel

Throughout literary history writers have explored the perspectives of=20
genders other than their own. This panel will explore works by both=20
male and female writers who choose to cross the gender boundary in=20
their writing and the effects of such border crossings. Writers might=20=

be viewed as crossing gender boundaries when they construct first=20
person narratives of genders other than their own or when they focus on=20=