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Reconstruction 11.4 and upcoming issues

Thursday, December 29, 2011 - 6:08pm
Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture

Introducing: Reconstruction 11.4

Editor's Introduction:

"Something to occupy the time": Activism and Anagnorisis, by Marc Ouellette


Talking to Yourself: Garfield Minus Garfield as an Introduction to Techno-Companionship , by Andy Engel

Cabelian Way, by Mike DuBose and Cristian Pralea

American Circus Re-Invented: Queering Cirque Du Soleil, by Michael Johnson Jr.

Wincest is the Best, or, Raep is What Happens When You Say No: Subversive Humor and Serious Business in Capslock Supernatural, by Britt Eira Long

Poetics: Performance and Genre Bending

Absence and Sociality in Live Film Narration: Poets of the Unreeled in Miami , by Alan Clinton

Retrofitting English Studies: When Diversity Becomes an Afterthought

Thursday, December 29, 2011 - 4:39pm
Texas A&M English Graduate Student Association

Texas A&M University's English Graduate Student Association Graduate Conference:

"Retrofitting English Studies: When Diversity Becomes an Afterthought"
April 7-8, 2012

Speaker: Jay Dolmage

Aftermaths: Revolution and Recovery (May 10-12, 2012)

Thursday, December 29, 2011 - 10:31am
Theory Conference/ The University of Western Ontario

On 17 December 2010, Tunisian fruit vendor Mohamed Bouazizi performed an act of self-immolation in protest of widespread state corruption. Galvanized by Bouazizi's gesture of dissent, Tunisians protested en masse, successfully demanding the removal of the oppressive regime in power. The Tunisian experience inspired what would come to be known as the Arab Spring, threatening the overthrow of totalitarian regimes across the Middle East, most notably in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and Yemen.

[UPDATE] "More Please: Explorations of Excess" University of Calgary Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference March 9-11, 2012

Wednesday, December 28, 2011 - 6:50pm
University of Calgary Free-Exchange Conference Committee

"More Please: Explorations of Excess": University of Calgary Free-Exchange Conference March 9-11, 2012

University of Calgary's Free-Exchange Committee will be hosting its annual, interdisciplinary graduate student conference March 9-11, 2012 at the University of Calgary and is looking for contributors to critically or creatively engage with and explore this year's theme of excess.

"Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess." —Oscar Wilde

"Excess generally causes reaction, and produces a change in the opposite direction, whether it be in the seasons, or in individuals, or in governments." —Plato

Not Here Not There - Deadline: January 31, 2012

Wednesday, December 28, 2011 - 10:01am
Leonardo Electronic Almanac (Leonardo/ISAST)

Leonardo Electronic Almanac in collaboration with The Samek Art Gallery and with Kasa Gallery announces a special issue titled: Not Here Not There. This issue arises out of the territory between two cultural streams.

Speed, Dromology and Invisibility? - Deadline: January 31, 2012

Wednesday, December 28, 2011 - 9:58am
Leonardo Electronic Almanac (Leonardo/ISAST)

From the futurist's speed through contemporary dromology to the disappearance of the human body? What are the future trajectories of a continuous process of acceleration? Is the disappearance of the body through artificial speed a process of invisibility or that of a visibility through acceleration?

The instantaneous communication across Web 2.0 and the speed of interactions has created the feeling of a contradiction between an idea of constant presence and that of the disappearance of the body in a constant trajectory of 'self-dissemination.' In 1909 the futurists envisaged a new world and some of their far-fetched visionary ideas have come to pass. What is the role that speed will play in the future of humanity in the twenty-first century?

SCLA 38's "Gaming the System: The Global Stakes of Comparative Study", 5/1/12 proposal deadline

Tuesday, December 27, 2011 - 4:19pm
Southern Comparative Literature Organization

"Gaming the System: The Global Stakes of Comparative Study"

For the first time in its 38-year history, the SCLA is coming to Vegas -- October 25-28, 2012 -- at University of Nevada Las Vegas Convention Center. Keynote and Plenary Speakers include Bruce Clarke(Texas Tech University) and Eric Hayot(Penn State University).

We welcome 250 word paper proposals or 500 word panel proposals on topics, including: