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UPDATE: Maria Irene Fornes (grad) (3/20/06; (dis)junctions, 4/7/06-4/8/06)

Friday, March 10, 2006 - 1:24pm

Deadline extended:

Maria Irene Fornes

This call for papers is for a proposed panel to be
held at (dis)junctions, the University of California
Riverside's 13th Annual Humanities Graduate Conference
on April 7-8, 2006.

Contributors are invited to submit critical works on
the Cuban American dramatist Maria Irene Fornes.
Papers may explore any play and/or issue surrounding
the 20th cent. playwright.

Abstracts of 250 words should be e-mailed to by March 20, 2006 (text in the
body of the message; please no attachments).

Proposals sent via snail mail should be postmarked by
March 20, 2006 and sent to:

CFP: India, Greece, Ireland: Empire and Aftermath (Greece) (3/31/06; 6/4/06-6/10/06)

Friday, March 10, 2006 - 1:24pm
James Gifford

Call for Papers
India, Greece, Ireland: Empire and Aftermath

There are just a few places left…!

The Durrell School of Corfu is holding a Symposium (4-10 June 2006) on the
subject of Empire and Aftermath, focusing on the cases of India, Greece and

The India seminar will be moderated by Ashis Nandy (Centre for the Study of
Developing Societies, Delhi, India) and the Symposium will also feature as
speakers and seminar leaders: Neil Lazarus (Warwick University, UK), Gautam
Kundu (Goergia Southern University, USA) and Reed Way Dasenbrock (New Mexico
State University, USA).

CFP: Race and Textual Scholarship (3/29/06; MLA '06)

Friday, March 10, 2006 - 1:24pm
Young, John K

Intersections of race and textual scholarship: drawing on what James
Weldon Johnson termed the "dilemma" of the "double audience," this panel
will investigate the ways in which textual and African Americanist
scholarship inform each other. Papers might explore such topics as:
decisions concerning the presentation of particular texts;
authenticating paratexts for slave and other narratives; book-form
republication of works previously published in serial form only for
black-owned periodicals; issues of archival preservation; questions of
canonization; "packaging" and repackaging of "Negro-authored" texts;
dissemination of texts that originally had a strong performative

CFP: Mexico Matters (3/16/06; MLA '06)

Friday, March 10, 2006 - 1:24pm
Villalobos, Jose Pablo

Mexico Matters.


To whom? For what? As nation? As diaspora? As cultural producer? As =
consumer? As an economy? As a history? As a problem? As...?


Please send 300-500 word abstracts, by MARCH 16, to Jos=E9 Villalobos =


All accepted panelists must be members of MLA by May 1.

CFP: Hostile Takeovers. On Violence and Media (Germany) (5/31/06; 7/23/06-8/5/06)

Friday, March 10, 2006 - 1:24pm





Johannes-Gutenberg Universit=E4t Mainz, 23 July to 5 August 2006


Proposals are invited for the 3rd IPP-Summer School "Hostile Takeovers - =
On Violence and Media, held at Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, =
Germany, 23 July to 5 August 2006.=20

CFP: Northrop Frye: New Directions from Old (8/31/06; 5/07)

Friday, March 10, 2006 - 1:24pm
Josephene T. M. Kealey

CFP: Northrop Frye: New Directions from Old (08/31/06; 05/07)

We invite proposals on Northrop Frye and theory (2007 marks the
fiftieth anniversary of the publication of Anatomy and Criticism),
Frye as Canadian, social, or religious critic.

Please send a 300-500 word proposal (hardcopies in triplicate) and a
50-word bio blurb to:

Doctor David Rampton, Symposium Chair
Department of English, University of Ottawa
70 Laurier Avenue East, 3rd floor
Ottawa ON K1N 6N5 Canada
Fax: (613) 562-5990

CFP: Canadian Literature (6/30/06; MMLA, 11/9/06-11/12/06)

Friday, March 10, 2006 - 1:24pm
Duncan Lucas

Midwest Modern Language Association, "High and Low Culture"

Chicago, November 9-12, 2006

Canadian Literature Section: "Post-colonialism or Diaspora? Whither =
cultural influence?"=20

UPDATE: Eudora Welty Open Topic (4/1/06; SCMLA, 10/26/06-10/28/06)

Friday, March 10, 2006 - 1:24pm
McWhirter, David B

Deadline extended:


CFP: Eudora Welty Open Topic (4/1/06; SCMLA 10/26/06-10/28/06)

For the Eudora Welty Society session at the 2006 SCMLA annual convention,
papers are invited on any aspect of Welty's work, life, or critical reception;
all approaches welcome. Please note that the conference venue has been
changed from Fort Worth to Dallas; deadline for proposals extended until
4/1/06. Send proposals or inquiries to David McWhirter at