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CFP: Edna O'Brien: New Critical Perspectives (7/29/05; collection)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005 - 7:51pm
Maureen O'Connor

Call for contributions to the volume of essays, Edna O'Brien: New Cri=
tical Perspectives=0D=0A=0D=0AIn addition to selected papers from the=
 international conference, Edna O'Brien: A Reappraisal (held at the N=
ational University of Ireland, Galway, 23 April 2005), we would like =
to include further contributions from O'Brien scholars that are appro=
priate to the aims of the edition. =0D=0A=0D=0AAims and Intentions:=
=0D=0A=0D=0AEdna O'Brien's writing has always provoked controversy, f=
rom her earliest The Country Girls trilogy to her more recent books o=
f 'faction', In the Forest and Down by the River. Critical responses =
have been divided between those who see her writing as populist and s=

CFP: Literature and Photography (9/15/05; NEMLA, 3/2/06-3/5/06)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005 - 7:51pm
Zoe Trodd

Please submit papers for a panel on Literature and Photography at the
upcoming Modern Language Association (North East) conference in
Philadelphia, March 2-5 2006.This panel will explore how American
writers have responded to photography: authors have explored word as
camera and image as pen, and we'll discuss the camera-eye aesthetic in
American fiction. Possible points for departure might be:

How has photography impacted the novel's position as history and
writers' philosophies of history, and what did writers do about their
senses of the past, approaches to time, and philosophies of history, in
the light of photography?

CFP: D.H. Lawrence and Attachment (8/31/05; 20th-C. Lit., 2/23/06-2/25/06)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005 - 7:51pm
Ronald Granofsky

Please post the following Call for Papers:

"D.H. Lawrence and Attachment" (any aspect of attachment: e.g.
psychological, material, social) for a panel at the 34th annual
Twentieth Century Literature and Culture Conference. University of
Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, February 23-25, 2006. Submit a
250-300 word abstract (double-spaced and titled). Previously presented
or published papers are not elibible. Deadline is August 31, 2005.
Abstracts/queries to Ron Granofsky, Department of English, McMaster
University, Chester New Hall 321, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8S 4L9. Tel: 905-525-9140 ext 24492 Fax: 905-777-8316.

Thank you.

CFP: Fishing the Angles: New Writing about Fly Fishing (10/10/05; collection)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005 - 7:51pm
Lowell Mick White

Fishing the Angles: New Writing about Fly Fishing (10/10/2005;
As fly fishing drifts downstream into the 21st century, anglers are
faced with overcrowded streams and lakes, declining water quality, and
political and cultural marginalization. In spite of this, we fish.
Why? What do we get out if it? This proposed collection, *Fishing the
Angles: New Writing about Fly Fishing*, is looking for works that
capture the meaning and magic(or the lack of meaning and magic) of fly
fishing, works that explore, transgress, and subvert this most literary
of "Outdoor Sports." Tell us-show us-what fly fishing means and how it

CFP: Recovering Beat Women Writers (10/10/05; SSAWW, 11/8/06-11/11/06)

Friday, June 10, 2005 - 5:34am
Skerl, Jennie

Call for abstracts for a proposed panel on "Recovering Beat Women
Writers" for the Society for the Study of American Women Writers
Conference to be held in Philadelphia on November 8-11, 2006.
Proposals are requested for a panel on women writers affiliated with the
Beat Generation focusing on individual authors, feminist/cultural
studies considerations of women in this mid-20th-century bohemian
milieu, or issues in the ongoing recovery project. Send brief abstracts
(1-3 pages) by October 10, 2005, to Dr. Jennie Skerl, 1502 Weatherstone
Dr., Paoli, PA 19301. Note: This panel has not yet been approved by
the conference committee; however, SSAWW says that pre-organized

CFP: American Romance Writers (12/1/05; dictionary)

Friday, June 10, 2005 - 5:34am

Call for Contributors: Dictionary of Literary Biography

Draft deadline December 1, 2005

Contributors are needed to write an objective, clear, comprehensive account
of the life, career, and literary reputation of the romance writers listed

Those interested in contributing please e-mail the volume’s editor:
Pamela Regis, Professor of English
McDaniel College
2 College Hill
Westminster, MD 21157

CFP: Romance Fiction (11/15/05; SW/TX PCA/ACA, 2/8/06-2/11/06)

Friday, June 10, 2005 - 5:34am


Romance Fiction: Satin Sheets

Romance Writers & Writing

Southwest/Texas Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association
Annual Regional Conference
February 8-11, 2006
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Conference Hotel:
Hyatt Regency Albuquerque
330 Tijeras
Albuquerque, NM 87102
phone: 1.505.842.1234
fax: 1.505.766.6710