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***************** _The Ben Jonson Journal_ ********************

Editors Richard Harp and Stanley Stewart are pleased to announce
that the first issue of the _Ben Jonson Journal_ will be released
this month.

_The Ben Jonson Journal_ is devoted to the study of Jonson as well
as all English Renaissance authors and their cultural, historical,
and religious milieux. Published annually, each issue will be at
least two hundred pages.

Volume I features essays and reviews from our distinguised
editorial board: David M. Bevington, Martin Butler, Thomas Clayton,
Ian Donaldson, Robert C. Evans, M. Thomas Hester, Grace Ioppolo,
William W. Kerrigan, Anthony Low, David C. McPherson, John Mulryan,
Stephen Orgel, James A. Riddell, E.W. Tayler, Sara van den Berg,
Susanne Woods, and R.V. Young.

Volume II is nearly complete, and the editors are now accepting
manuscripts for Volume III. Articles should be 20-30 double-spaced
manuscript pages, notes up to 10 pages, style: Chicago. Three
copies of the manuscript are required. The journal also reviews
books, but book reviews are assigned.

Manuscripts should be sent to: The Editors, Department of English,
UNLV, Box 455069, 4505 Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89154-5069.
Rejected manuscripts will be returned with SASE.

Subscriptions to the jounal are $15 for one year, $25 for two
years. Subscribers may use the form provided below. For additional
information, contact Richard Harp at (702) 895-
0991 or Stan Stewart at snstewar_at_ucrvms.bitnet (909) 787-3674.


                                        MAIL STOP 166
                                        RENO, NV 89557-0076


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Subscriptions outside the U.S. should add $3.00 per year for
postage and handling.

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