CFP: Built Spaces: Earth-Sky and Human Praxes (1/20/07; 4/27/07-4/29/07)

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Call for Papers
International Association for the Study of Environment, Space, and Place

Built Spaces: Earth-Sky and Human Praxes

APRIL 27-29, 2007 — Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center: Duquesne University

The material expression of the human life-world is constructed by establishing patterns oriented through, and by, the earth-sky relation. Human socio-cultural praxes manifest spatially through establishing the fundamental spatiality, “a level”—an equilibrium that is formed through the collusion of the upright posture of the lived-body and the earthly horizon, marking the measure of the earth-sky relation and human experience.

Presentations may address any aspect of spatial production as long as the aspect of “builtness” is taken into consideration. In other words socio-cultural events are patterns that are always interlocked with materially expressed spatial patterns. The phenomena that we want to address in this conference concern our built environments. What is it to build? What is a building, or buildings? How do we build? How does building open a world, limit a world, destroy a world, protect a world, or enliven a world? What are the many forms of human dwelling about which building must address? How can we build a better world? Who builds and why? What do certain forms of building do for us, or to us?

Suggested Sub-topics: (these topics are not exhaustive; they are meant only to spark your own thinking)

Indigenous Dwellings and Spatial Constructions Vernacular Building
Sacred Sites Intimate Spacings
The Genius Loci of Built Places Unique Places
Architectural Design and Urban Planning Suburbs, Ruburbs
Megalopolis, Sprawl, Smart Growth New Urbanism
Neighborhood Bar, Playgrounds, Plazas, Lawns Dance Floors, Sidewalks, Stadiums
The Politics of Built Space The Sociology of Built Space
Developers and Development Superstores
Zoning Laws Environmental Protection
Instant Worlds Main Street
Le Corbusier, Venturi, Bauhaus Ruskin, Vitruvius, Lynch
Building in the Margins Preservation and Renewal

IAESP will hold its Third Annual Conference at the Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. IASESP seeks to foster interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary conversations. Presentations should not exceed 25 minutes. Please consider audience diversity while preparing your presentation. Accepted papers may be submitted for possible publication. See our website:
Abstracts Deadline: January 20, 2007

Send abstracts to: On-site information:
Steve Sandbank Daniel J. Martino Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center
                            Duquesne University
                            Pittsburgh, PA 15282

David Macauley, Ph.D.

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Penn State University - Delaware County

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