CFP: Motherhood in 19th-Century American Literature (4/15/07; M/MLA, 11/8/07-11/11/07)

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Debby Rosenthal
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CFP: Motherhood in 19th-Century American Literature 4/15/07 MMLA (11/8/07
- 11/11/07)

Motherhood and child raising figure prominently in 19th-century American
literature, especially in sentimental and reform writing. This panel seeks to
contribute to the current conversation about domesticity, the status of women,
the image of the child, etc, by examining the ways mothers have been
portrayed. To what strategic use do authors put the figure of the mother? What
does she emblematize? How does she serve as a narrative device? As rhetorical
trope? As a reform mechanism? Something else? Papers welcome on all aspects
of motherhood in the 19th century. The Midwest Modern Language Assn
meeting will be held in Cleveland from Nov 8-11, 2007.

Debby Rosenthal
Associate Professor
English Department
John Carroll University
Cleveland, OH 44118

"Good stories outlast particular sets of fact." -- Stendhal

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