CFP: A Lacan Primer (5/30/07; collection)

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Kelly McGuire
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CFP: A Lacan Primer (5/30/07; collection)

A Lacan Primer: Children's Narrative Through Lacan, Lacan through Children's Narrative

We invite abstracts or complete manuscripts on Lacan and children's literature for a collection that has attracted strong interest from a university press. The collection seeks to provide an introduction to Lacan through children's narratives, to offer
Lacanian readings of children's texts, and to explore the theoretical tensions produced by using psychoanalytic theory to study children's literature.

Within the study of children's literature via psychoanalytic theory, a basic tension exists. In The Case of Peter Pan: Or the Impossibility of Children's Fiction, Jacqueline Rose analyzes children's fiction as a construct of adult desires or a
specifically adult subjectivity. In Looking Glasses and Neverlands: Lacan, Desire, and Subjectivity in Children's Literature, Karen Coats argues that stories for and about children play a part in shaping the subjectivity of children. At issue in the
debate is not only the place of narrative within subject formation but also the place of the desiring subject within any study of narrative.

What are the relationships between narrative and Lacan's symbolic subject? What are the possibilities of understanding the basic principles of Lacan through children's narrative? Can familiar tales help elucidate the complexities of theory? Can
children's texts be better understood as formative narratives using Lacan's theory of subject formation? Do we risk reductive readings of both Lacan and children's narrative through this method of analysis?

Papers that address any of these questions are welcome. Also of interest are Lacanian readings of children's texts including canonical literary works as well as popular films or television.

 Abstracts (500 words) or completed manuscripts (20-25 pages, double-spaced) are due by May 30, 2007. Please include a working title, brief vita, and contact information. All selected contributors will be asked to submit completed manuscripts by August
16, 2007. Send as attachments via email to Kelly McGuire at

Dr. Kelly McGuire
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