CFP: [18th] 18th-Century Movements (9/15/07; ASECS 3/27â30/08)

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Raymond J. Ricketts
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"On the Move: Watching Bodies in the Eighteenth Century" (ASECS annual
conference, 27-30 Mar. 2008)

This panel seeks to extend thinking about the body, in the relationship
between spectatorship and aesthetics, between observation/experiment and
empirical knowledge, and the overlap between the two, by exploring
eighteenth-century observations of human bodies in motion. These could
include observations of movements of populations (political or social),
performing bodies (dancing, singing, making music, acting), bodies on the
run, bodies at play, bodies having sex, bodies writing or making art,
intentional gestures/unintended writhings, and bodies marching in protest
or “dancing attendance.” These might be represented in novels, poems,
treatises, operas, plays, dances, engravings, paintings, sculpture, or
decorative objects.

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