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 Irish America, 1945-1960

With few exceptions, the picture drawn of the Irish-American community in
the postwar era has presumed its deliquescence. Received wisdom suggests
that postwar suburbanization and upward mobility eroded the
distinctiveness of Irish-American ethnicity, accelerating the homogenizing
effects of “ethnic fade.”
We propose a collection of essays that examines and challenges these
assumptions. The story of Irish America at mid-century possesses a unique
significance. The proliferation of labor-saving mechanization in Ireland
produced one last exodus from Ireland that briefly restored transatlantic
networks after a generation of disuse. Anticommunist rhetoric bestowed
new status on Irish Americans as champions of ethnic patriotism (“A Nation
of Immigrants”), reversing longstanding insinuations about hyphenated
identities. On the eve of mass tourism and affordable transatlantic
travel, Irish experiences and images still retained an exoticism, at the
same time as novels, motion pictures and television programs took up Irish-
American storylines and characters as a means stepping outside, the
mainstream of popular culture.

Possible topics may include but are not limited to: immigration;
nostalgia; tourism; suburbanization; interethnic relations; labor history;
religious history; music and dance; Gaelic sports; the Irish language in
America; Irish authors’ relations with American publishers and audiences;
and individual artists and works, including television.

A major Irish publisher has expressed strong interest in this project.

Please e-mail an abstract of 250-300 words to both Dr. Matthew O’Brien,
The Franciscan University of Steubenville
and James Rogers, University of St Thomas before
September 30, 2007. The editors will select proposals and provide
further guidelines shortly after that date. We anticipate the deadline for
completed chapters to be approximately April, 2008

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