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Sarah Delahousse
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The Silenced Voice of the Roaring Twenties â€" Hollywood’s Competition in
the 1920s

In comparison with other periods in film history, the 1920s are a decade
that has arguably received little in the form of scholarly exploration.
This period in American history is known primarily as the “Jazz Age,” and
paradigmatic thought posits film history of these years as a period in
which little progress was made in the form of domestic or world cinema
production outside of the Hollywood studio system. Amid this period when
Hollywood was becoming more standardized and ensconced in the star
system, the purpose of this panel will be to reassess often-overlooked
areas outside of this burgeoning system, focusing on the impact of other
industries and directors that were trying to differentiate themselves
from Hollywood and how American audiences responded to them. It is
therefore the intent to examine other areas besides the general paradigm
of mainstream Hollywood productions becoming more and more formulaic as
the studios braced for the introduction of sound.

Current contributors include an examination of French cinema’s exhibition
in the U.S. as an example of a foreign industry’s competition with
Hollywood and on D.W. Griffith’s independent output from 1920-24 as an
example of an American director attempting to work outside of Hollywood.
Other possible topics would likewise strive for an angle that examines a
facet outside of Hollywood, such as another foreign industry or another
independent director.

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Tim Shorkey
Wayne State University

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