CFP: [Renaissance] Ending the Middle Ages: Tudor Constructions of the Wars of the Roses (9/1/07; Kalamazoo, 5/8-11/08)

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Lea Luecking Frost
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In Tudor-era historiography, narratives concerning the period beginning
with Richard II's deposition (1399) and ending with Richard III's defeat
(1485) offer an origin myth for the Tudor dynasty, and present Henry VII's
accession as the beginning of a glorious future to which all history has
been leading. But this gesture of cohesion -- a united nation on the verge
of greatness -- paradoxically also fragments the national narrative
precisely by presenting the accession of Henry VII as a decisive break with
the past, the end of the Middle Ages.

This session solicits papers which explore the conception of history and
historical narrative generated by sixteenth-century efforts to construct
(or even to subvert) a dynastic origin myth and/or to locate the Tudor
monarchs and their immediate Plantagenet predecessors within a "grand
narrative" of English history, and the effect these efforts have on the
relation of the sixteenth-century "moment" to that narrative.

Contributions may examine texts of any historically-minded genre: both the
lengthy and comprehensive chronicles as well as more focused humanist
histories, more "literary" texts such as narrative poetry and history
plays, or courtly texts such as the coronation pageants of Elizabeth I.

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