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Katerina Loukopoulou

Call for Papers for the forthcoming Annual Conference of the Association
of Art Historians to be held in London at Tate Britain and Tate Modern, 2-
4 April 2008. The 34th annual AAH Conference will focus on the theme of
the Museum: Location: the Museum, the Academy and the Studio.

We are looking for proposals for the panel which links the museum and the
moving image.

The Museum Unbound: Works of Art and Film

Since the early days of photography, one of its main applications has
been the creative reproduction and dissemination of artworks. Film has
similarly reproduced artworks on a representational level, but the mobile
camera has enabled a more dynamic relationship with the spatial context
and structure of the artwork: tracking shots, pans, tilts, rolls and
zooms have been employed to move around the artwork in situ, as well as
to enter its representational field; it is thus not only the artwork that
has been reproduced and disseminated, but also the gaze of a mobile
This dynamism has also been utilised to extend art movements. For
example, Le Ballet Mécanique (1924) adapted the fractured and multi-
faceted images of cubism to the moving image. The reproducibility of
celluloid and the internationalism of the film industry meant that
Léger’s film carried cubism beyond France some time before his artworks
were exhibited abroad.
Film’s central role in the democratisation of the fine arts intensified
in the decades after the Second World War, when films about art and
artists proliferated across Europe, the USA, India, China and Japan.
Caroline Jones has emphasised the significance of arts documentaries for
the construction of the post-war American artist in Machine in the Studio
(1996). In Britain, David Curtis (2007) has discussed the long history of
artists’ films, while John Wyver (2007) has shown that films on art have
often been in the vanguard of the documentary form. These writers have
unearthed new material that can direct future research.
Proposals are invited for papers that examine how the moving image has
been used to extend artworks and art movements beyond their physical and
geographical confines, from the emergence of cinema to the present. The
session will focus on television programmes as well as films. The
groundbreaking role of the arts documentary in connecting museums and art
historiography will be a particular interest.

Session Convenors:

Mark Broughton, Department of Film, Theatre and Television, University of

Katerina Loukopoulou, School of Art History, Film and Visual Media,
Birkbeck College, University of London, a.loukopoulou_at_hist-

Please email us proposals of 250 words for a 30 minute paper by
16 November 2007.
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