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M/C Journal is looking for new contributors. M/C is a crossover journal
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                        Call for Papers: 'citizen'
                 Edited by Jason Wilson and Barry Saunders

Citizen is a word we hear more frequently all the time, but it's also one
whose meaning has never seemed less clear. "Citizen journalists" and "e-
citizenship" initiatives are everywhere, but so are signs of crisis in
democratic institutions and processes.

The online tools used to promote new forms of active citizenship are
products of an era where the traditional focus of citizenship - the nation
- seems far less powerful and important than ever in the face of global
flows of capital, communication and culture. The exhortations to pursue new
forms of political engagement - like public affairs blogging and citizen
journalism - can only be read alongside the mounting evidence of a
widespread disengagement from politics. It's not clear whether or how
democratic institutions can (or ought to) adapt themselves to the changing
modes of participation. And it's also unclear whether the online spaces
given over to political debate do anything more than further polarize our
conversations. But can institutions and an increasingly diverse online
public sphere change and adapt to one another to renew democratic

For this edition of M/C Journal, we're looking for pieces that weigh up the
impact of new forms of political participation. We'd especially like to
encourage articles that reflect on concrete attempts to increase
participation in the political process, and to promote citizenship. Whether
you'd like to reflect on an initiative you've participated in, or link
theory with interesting examples of media practice and activism, we'd like
to feature your contribution.

Submit papers of 3,000 words in length to the editors at

Article deadline: 18 January 2008
Issue release date: 12 March 2008

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                                                     Dr Axel Bruns

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