CFP: [Collections] Women's Voices in Post-Communist Eastern Europe (colection) III: Transnational Gender Performance

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Maria-Sabina Draga Alexandru
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In recent years migration has no longer been perceived as a one-way
definitive move from an origin to a target-point, but increasingly as an
undoable and redoable process of discursive redefinition within new
contexts and value-systems, prompted by global processes of inclusion
such as EU enlargement. As national boundaries are becoming blurred and
people are travelling, studying and changing jobs across borders,
national perceptions of identity are giving way to wider
conceptualisations of selfhood as always in the making, always changing
masks to fit within new contexts. Likewise, theatrical metaphors are
repositioned beyond stage boundaries, so that performance of selfhood
becomes an increasingly common trope in representations of identity.
How do these processes of fluidisation of boundaries affect women, their
social performance in relation to the old public/private dichotomy and
their knowledge production? How do Eastern European women’s transnational
migrant experiences vary across the world (e.g. in Europe as compared to
America) and to what extent are concepts such as nomadism and performance
relevant to them? How are these experiences reflected in the
international media and literature and how have they been reflected in

This collective volume is the third of a series entitled _Women’s Voices
in Post-Communist Eastern Europe_, co-edited by Maria-Sabina Draga
Alexandru, Madalina Nicolaescu and Helen Smith, of which two previous
volumes have already been published by the University of Bucharest Press
(vol. 1, _Rewriting Histories_, 2005, and vol. II, _Bodies and
Representations_, 2006). Vol. 3, _Transnational Gender Performances_, will
explore the social and cultural practices that emerge in women’s
transnational migration, with the intention of opening up an area of
comparison between post-communist Eastern Europe in the light of EU
accession and the postcolonial space, where identity performance has been
an issue for a longer period of time. The concept of performance will be
used in a broad sense, starting from a theatrical model, but also
revisiting Erving Goffman’s, J.L.Austin’s, J. Hillis Miller and Judith
Butler’s theories of performance, performativity and masquerade from the
perspective of female selfhood on the move.

Please send 4000 to 6000-word articles and short bios to Maria-Sabina
Draga Alexandru ( by 30 June 2008. The collection
style sheet will be available upon request. Do feel free to contact us
with any preliminary questions.

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