UPDATE: [20th] Teaching Hemingway's Posthumous Works (3/10/08; 2008 MLA)

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Suzanne del Gizzo
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Teaching Hemingway's Posthumous Works* (3/10/08; 2008 MLA)
MLA in San Francisco, December 27-30, 2008

*Correction to the panel title. The initial post accidentally
read "Posthumous Novels." We will consider proposals that address all of
the posthumous works.

This panel seeks to explore issues and strategies related to teaching
Hemingway's posthumous works in the undergraduate or graduate classroom.
Hemingway's posthumous output has been prodigious, including A Moveable
Feast, Islands in the Stream, The Dangerous Summer, The Garden of Eden,
Under Kilimanjaro, and various short stories. All of these works have
expanded critical engagement with Hemingway, and several of them have
occasioned significant re-evaluations of Hemingway's oeuvre. This panel
seeks to address questions such as: What are the challenges of teaching
the posthumous works? What issues arise (ethical, philosophical,
generic, etc.)? What pedagogical strategies are useful? How do students
respond to the works? Write about them? What is the value of teaching
these works?

Please send 1-page proposals with academic affiliation and av requests to
Suzanne del Gizzo at delgizzos_at_chc.edu <mailto:delgizzos_at_chc.edu> by
March 10th.

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