CFP: [Theory] Embodied Politics in Visual Autobiography (collection)

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Sarah Brophy
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Call for Papers

Embodied Politics in Visual Autobiography

We invite contributions for a proposed collection of essays on visual
autobiography, focusing on health, bodies, and embodied subjectivities. The
collection will consider how cultural practices of self-narration and
self-portraiture image and imagine unruly bodies and, in so doing, respond
to Patricia Zimmerman’s call for “radical media democracies that animate
contentious public spheres” (2000, p. xx).

How are health, dis/ability, and the body theorized, materialized, and
politicized in visual autobiographies, including forms such as photography,
video art, graphic memoir, film, body art and performance, and digital
media? We are particularly interested in the potential of visual
autobiographies to:

-explore how bodies negotiate disciplinary regimes and technologies

-produce counterdiscursive manoeuvres and new representational spaces

-investigate how power/knowledge relations constitute embodiments

-provoke critical and ethical reflection

We welcome contributions from academic- and arts-based researchers and
practitioners. We encourage a wide range of critical perspectives: cultural
studies, critical theory, disability studies, feminist studies, critical
race studies, diaspora studies, queer studies, Aboriginal studies,
globalization studies, literary studies, art history, music, media studies,
theatre and performance studies. Analytic approaches could involve: textual
analysis; histories, presents, and futures; practices and practitioners;
and pedagogy.

Possible topics:




bodies negotiating borders and boundaries

traded and disappeared bodies

trauma and testimony

memory and memorializing


care of the self


fatness and body size


body alterations and transformations



Send a 300- to 500-word abstract, working title, and a brief bio, by email
in a Word attachment, to Sarah Brophy (
<>) and Janice Hladki (
<> on or before May 15, 2008. Inquiries are also
welcome. Final papers should range in length from 4000-8000 words.

About the editors: Sarah Brophy is an Associate Professor in English and
Cultural Studies, McMaster University. Janice Hladki is an Associate
Professor in Theatre and Film Studies, McMaster University.

Sarah Brophy
Associate Professor
Department of English and Cultural Studies
McMaster University
Hamilton, Canada
L8S 4L9
phone: 905-525-9140 ext. 22243
fax: 905-777-8316

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