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Afterlives of Deconstruction

In Memoires: for Paul de Man Derrida writes that the “proper story” of deconstruction would
consist of “transference, and of a thinking through of transference, in all the senses that this
word acquires in more than one language, and first of all that of the transference between
languages,” which leads Derrida to define deconstruction as “plus d’une langue â€" both more than
one language and no more of a single language.”

Derrida’s insistence on defining deconstruction in terms of transference has allowed it to elude
determination within a single language, discipline or discursive formation finding its “proper
place” rather in its free circulation between languages, fields and cultural activities. As a result of
such dissemination, deconstruction has proven to be an inspiring source or impulse to other
kinds of work, not only within other disciplines, such as anthropology, history, theology,
psychoanalysis, etc., but also in the arts and in culture at large.

This issue of the Revista de Letras seeks to provide a forum to explore the survival of
deconstruction after deconstruction, the ways in which it has outlived or transcended itself. What
kinds of appropriation and application has deconstruction generated? How has it helped
reconfigure disciplines? How has it interacted with other theories? How has it functioned as an
inspiration for the arts? These are some of the questions that we would like to approach. Please
send essays, no longer than 8,000 words, to Anthony Reynolds ( AND
Fabio Akcelrud Durao ( no later than May 31, 2009. Accepted essays in
English will be translated into Portuguese.

Revista de Letras is one of the most renowned Brazilian journals of letters. Published both in
paper (ISBN 0101-3505) and in a free online version (ISBN 1981-7886), it is fully peer blind
reviewed, enjoys a broad distribution and is widely read in Brazil.

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