CFP: [Ethnic] ACLA 2009: Cinematic Markers of Subjectivity (Deadline: 11/01/08; Harvard U 03/26/09-03/29/09)

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Leah Anderst
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ACLA 2009 Convention
March 26-29, 2009
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA
Seminar: “Cinematic Markers of Subjectivity”
Co-chairs: Pamela Albanese and Leah Anderst

This panel will examine the ways in which cinema engages subjectivity.
Self-discovery, consciousness, identity, point of view, and otherness are
among some of the topics of consideration. We are particularly interested
in papers dealing with cinematic tropes that call attention to
subjectivity, including the role of place in identity and self-discovery,
mise-en-scène, montage, and dialogue. In keeping with the conference
theme, “Global Languages, Local Cultures,” we encourage papers that
consider the frequently crucial role of place and culture in the
portrayal and development of the self in cinema; for example, how does
film reconcile the intricacies of isolation, inclusion, alienation, or
propinquity â€" either as discrete or coexistent experiences â€" in the
confrontation between self and other, global and local, or identity and
environment? Or how does cinema convey consciousness or otherness with
features such as the jump-cut or the use of lighting and color? We look
forward to submissions that investigate the complex interplay between
style and subjectivity in films from a broad array of regions and time

We invite proposals that respond to the description above and/or consider
one or more of the following topics:

• First-person cinema
• History, Identity and Film
• Subjectivity and the senses
• Cinematic aesthetics of memory
• Feminine subjectivity, queer subjectivity
• Subjectivity of the ethnic "other"
• Bilingualism and multilingualism
• Subjectivity in experimental and avant-garde cinema

**Important note: All paper proposals must be submitted via the ACLA
conference website, located at
Select "Cinematic Markers of Subjectivity" from the seminar menu
accessible on the paper proposal page. **

Submission Deadline: Nov. 1 2008

If you have any questions prior to submitting your abstract, please don't
hesitate to contact the seminar co-chairs, Pamela Albanese
( and Leah Anderst (

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