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Anthony S Burdge
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Submissions are sought for a forthcoming multidisciplinary anthology of
critical essays on the subject of the Mythical Approaches to Doctor Who.

This volume is premised on the idea that there is a tremendous
opportunity for multidisciplinary dialogue and discovery regarding the
subject of the long running BBC television program Doctor Who. The
longevity of Doctor Who may be due to the character’s archetypal
variation, with stories of a renegade time lord from Gallifrey, as he
regenerates from television to book to music to film, and even to spin-
off series and to audio adventures. Like other fantasy & science fiction
phenomena, such as The Lord of the Rings (the book, not the recent
films), the original Star Wars film trilogy and Star Trek juggernaut, the
appeal of Doctor Who has had a large impact on redefining our mythic
identity. Modern perceptions, through Doctor Who are challenged by seeing
through the darkly lit mirror of fantasy, travelling the far reaches of
time and space. Since 1963, the Doctor’s hero quest has lived through ten
regenerations, alongside a variety of companions. The role of the
companion has grown and evolved over the last forty- five years. The
villains of the Whoniverse range in severity, peril and the ability to
obliterate. Many of these elements have also set thematic standards
within each of the show’s spin-offs (from the relatively obscure K9 and
Company, to the recent children-geared show The Sarah Jane Adventures, to
the groundbreaking series Torchwood).

The goal of this volume is to explore the worlds, lives, and stories of
Doctor Who. Many philosophical, moral, mythical, and scientific
approaches may apply. Each submission should in some way attempt to
examine the following: Does the Doctor transcend global concepts, ideas
and symbols? Does he or any of the characters eradicate boundaries or
create new ones?
Essays can relate to, but should not be limited by, the following
suggestions topics in the relation to the mythical:
1. A discussion concerning the range of episodes from 1963 to the present
day with the tenth Doctor produced and aired by the BBC. Is a mythical
approach applicable?
2. Spin off shows such as. The Sarah Jane Adventures, K9 and Company and
Torchwood have all crossed over at one time or another into Doctor Who
and have been received, in a variety of ways, by fans. Discuss the role
of the spin off show in the Whoniverse
3. An examination to the range of books and audio Doctor Who adventures.
4. The relationship of the Doctor to modern culture
5. The influence of “real world myth” into the Doctor’s Whoniverse. Does
the Doctor suffer from, what some have called a mythical identity crises?
Is this a fair or unfair way of examining the mythological foundations of
the series?
6. Ways the mythology of Doctor Who are relevant to Who-fandom.

All Submitted abstracts and papers are to be sent to

Abstracts of 500 words or less should be submitted, along with complete
contact information for and a biographical paragraph about the submitter,
by email to the editors by December 1, 2008
If accepted, articles should be completed as Word documents with MLA
Submissions should be sent electronically to the editors by July 1, 2009

Dr. Kristine Larsen, Central Connecticut State University

Jessica Burke, College of Staten Island

Anthony S Burdge, Northeast Tolkien Society Co-Chair/Independent Scholar

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