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Rob Spence
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Gylphi, the new publisher for 20th and 21st century cultural studies, invites contributions for a
new volume- Within academic spheres an uneasy silence has reigned over Anthony Burgess the
Science Fiction writer. There may well be a number of reasons for this, for example the
dismissive way that Burgess wrote about sf inThe End of the World News; his fondness for the
argument that Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-four was not about the future at all but about 1948, the
year in which it was written; and/or the surreal Kantian joke which is ‘The Muse: A Sort of SF
Story’. It may also have much to do with the way Burgess is known as a science fiction or
futuristic writer in popular circles (and on the Internet) thanks to his widely read novel, A
Clockwork Orange; driving scholarship in other ‘antidotal’ directions. However, despite plentiful
discussion of A Clockwork Orange and occasional chapters and articles on books such as The
Wanting Seed and The End of the World News, there has been no full-scale appraisal of Burgess
as a writer of SF. A book is therefore being proposed that we hope will be incorporated into a
new series, SF Storyworlds: Critical Studies in Science Fiction, edited by Paul March-Russell.
Some of the topics that we would like the book to cover are as follows: (1) Burgess’s projections
of Shakespeare from what Carl Freedman, in his book Critical Theory and Science Fiction, calls a
‘pre-critical’ era into the present and future - to include work on elements of post-Kantian
reality; (2) Burgess and Orwell, including but not confined to 1985 and Napoleon Symphony; (3)
theory of SF in The End of the World News; (4) dimensions of time and space in Mozart and the
Wolf Gang; (5) intertextual echoes of Aldous Huxley’s Island and The Perennial Philosophy in MF;
(6) literature review of how A Clockwork Orange has been received and written about to date -
how SF is it? These are just some ideas, and we invite you to suggest alternatives, but also to
volunteer to collaborate with us and others on any of the chapters. Find out more by contacting
Rob Spence at Edge Hill University ( or Anthony Levings at Gylphi Limited

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