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Olivette Otele

International Conference
University Paris XIII, France
Identity Politics and Minorities in the English-speaking World and France:
Rhetoric and Reality

26-27 March 2009

Call for papers

Several competing discourses on colonial heritage and immigration have
recently emerged in the West. Some of these discourses tended to
emphasize the positive impact of a past many people consider to be
traumatic, triumphant, or sometimes both at once. In fact, laws have been
passed, in France and elsewhere, to create an official version of history
that adopted and disseminated one particular version of such history.
These laws echo political discourses meant to reflect the nation’s ideals
and the tendencies of public opinion. For others, however, these laws
are oppressive and discriminatory, and will have a negative effect on
minority identities and rights. These two approaches may suggest that
there is an official national identity on the one hand, while on the
other, peripheral identities are in the process of being constructed, and
therefore cannot officially and overtly take part in the elaboration of
national ideals.
The conference will explore these and other contested issues associated
with nationalism, race and identity politics. Analyzing these notions may
also imply a historical reflection on the role, place, and history of
minority groups in France and in the English-speaking world. The
conference will focus specifically on the United States, the United
Kingdom, France, Australia and Canada. It welcomes multidisciplinary
contributions from the fields of politics, civilization, history,
historiography, sociology, and anthropology. Papers addressing the
following areas will be most welcome:

        1. Ethnic minorities and nationalisms
        2. Multiculturalism or colorblindness
        3. Apology and reparations.
         4. Affirmation and redefinition of identity
        5. Historicization of discrimination
        6. Memory and politics

Proposal should not exceed 500 words, and should be sent with a short
biography before November 15th 2008 either to:
• Vanessa CASTEJON castejon.vanessa_at_wanadoo.Fr or
• Olivette OTELE

 Members of the scientific committee:
Dr Vanessa Castejon (University Paris 13);
Prof. Didier Fassin (University Paris 13)
Dr Rim Latrache (University Paris 13);
Prof. Françoise Lejeune (University Nantes, France)
Prof. Fethi Mansouri (Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia)
Dr Olivette Otele (University Paris 13);
Prof. Claire Parfait (University Paris 13)
Prof. François Poirier (University Paris 13)

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