CFP: [General] Special Issue "Sculpture" (deadline for submissions January 15, 2009

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Mosaic, a journal for the interdisciplinary study of literature invites
submissions for a special issue on "Sculpture". Material must be received
by January 15, 2009.

According to Hegel, since it transforms mere stone or wood into the human
figure, sculpture constitutes the proper centre of classical art, and is
at best complemented by poetry. What has happened that enables Arthur
Danto to suggest that sculpture is postmodernism's privileged form?
Mosaic invites submissions that relate contemporary sculpture to
literature and literary-critical theory, considering such topics as:
sculpturality, citationality, movement, body, surface, hybridity,
animality, voice, writing, duration, memory, narrative, texture, history,
architecture, colour, clothing, life, light, nature, mourning, spectacle,
translation and violence.

We welcome submissions that conform to our mandate. Please visit our
website for a full description of our submission guidelines.

* Length of essays: 7,000 words, to a maximum of 7,500 words (word count
includes Works Cited and notes). Endnotes (maximum 500 words) should be
used to clarify problematic documentation procedures; with discursive
notes kept to an absolute minimum.

* Please provide a 50-word abstract and a list of Works Cited (within the
text, use parentheses to identify page numbers for quotes and
references). Parenthetical citations and works cited must follow the
conventions of the 'MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing,'
2nd edition.

* Mosaic does not publish fiction or poetry. Essays may be in English or
French and may feature illustrations. If your essay will include
illustrations, please attach photocopies to your submission.

* The essay, abstract and Works Cited must be submitted on CD, floppy or
electronically, preferably in Microsoft Word, along with three paper
copies (standard margins, double-spaced, single-sided).

* Mosaic's anonymous peer-review process requires that the author's
name/address appear only on covering letters. It is important that no
identifying information appear on the paper copies and the electronic
version of the essay itself.

* Enclose a covering letter stating that the essay is not part of a
thesis or dissertation, has not been previously published, and is not
being considered for publication in another journal or medium.

* Please provide an email address.

* Please address inquiries and submissions to:
Dawne McCance, Editor
University of Manitoba
208 Tier Building
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3T 2N2, Canada.

T: 204-474-9763
F: 204-474-7584

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