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Vijayasree Chaganti

Osmania University Centre for International Programs
International Conference on Media, Culture and Ideology
29-31 January, 2009

This conference proposes to deliberate on how mediaâ€"print and electronicâ€"
mediates cultural configurations and influences ideological formations.
We invite papers, from across disciplines, that examine in contemporary
or historical context the uses made of visual, verbal & written language
in sections of the mass media (television & print, primarily) with a
particular focus on the relationship between these cultural forms,
conventional understandings of the world & social power. In the last
century, from colonial through anti-colonial and post colonial to the
contemporary global phase, media has played a significant role in shaping
culture and ideology and this phenomenon warrants critical analyses.
Besides, media functions in the public sphere, a realm which exists
between the State machinery and its formal authority and the private
domain which comprises of the civil society and family unit and
constantly negotiates the intermediary space between the public and the
private and influences both the domains. This crucial function of the
Media as the creator and communicator of alternate Culture and
Ideology in contemporary societies shall be the main focus of this

 This conference will also focus in particular on how film, and later
television in India and elsewhere, have had a massive impact in creating
and circulating images of the nation and of a "national culture’. Both
film and television have sought to define, forge and popularise images of
a coherent, cohesive and organic national community. Conversely the
media have also offered alternative, dissenting and even oppositional
visions of the nation and of a national culture,
questioning 'Establishment' values, or responding sympathetically to the
socially disadvantaged and disenfranchised. A part of the task of this
conference is to explore these issues of ideology and representation.

   Some of the issues that this conference wishes to address include:

1. Representations of nation and nationness in media including
counter discourses of nation
2. Revisionist /Alternate Histrography : Portrayal of historical
incidents of the past from new and different perspectives.
3. Caste/ Class/ Gender issues in media representation
4. Media and Globalization
5. Representation of Violence and Terrorism
6. Media and ideology
7. Other Related Issues

Proposals for either (a) individual papers or (b) preconstituted panels
should include the following: (1) a title, (2) an abstract NOT TO EXCEED
300 WORDS, and (3) a brief one-paragraph biographical statement about the
presenter, including academic affiliation and email address. Proposals
may be sent by email to before 20th November,
Conference Director: C.Vijayasree, Director, OUCIP, Osmania University,

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