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Basia Sliwinska
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Call for Presentations

Interrogations: Creative Interdisciplinarity in Art and Design Research

AHRC Postgraduate Conference, De Montfort University & Loughborough University,
 1st and 2nd July 2009, Loughborough University, School of Art and Design

The conference addresses various aspects of interdisciplinary approaches in
Art & Design research, as well as practical and theoretical methods for
interlinking with other disciplines. The objective is to explore
interdisciplinarity as a new trend that brings together different
disciplines, forging new connections and contributions to collective
knowledge. Ultimately, the aim is to promote and encourage
interdisciplinarity as a way to enhance creativity in research.

Contemporary culture is full of disciplinary overlaps; concepts and
linkages once abandoned re-emerge, meanings are transformed and
re-configured. Similarly, there is a tendency towards interdisciplinary
research in art and design. New styles emerge from unique interlinking of
versatile approaches and techniques within and beyond art and design
practices. This trend facilitates bridging disciplines, traditions and
cultures and provides new opportunities for researchers and practitioners
like Simone O'Callaghan promoting interdisciplinarity in her work.

This conference aims to address the challenges and trends of
interdisciplinary research that contributes to art and design. It
encourages presentations of methodological and theoretical insights, as
well as practical projects based on interdisciplinarity as a method of
transferring ideas and stimulating creativity across disciplines. It will
also discuss various aspects of working with unfamiliar concepts and
approaches from multi-dimensional fields.

We seek any inventive and creative interdisciplinary insights with a broad
understanding of the topic. Possible topics may include but are not limited to:
Theoretical developments (what and why)
• Why interdisciplinarity?
• How does interdisciplinarity stimulate theorists and artists?
• The history of disciplines and interdisciplinarity.
• How to redefine disciplines and interdisciplinarity.
• The parallel between interdisciplinarity and other intellectual spaces
• Can art and design be treated as a separate sphere or is it now totally
immersed in transitions, linkages, crossovers?
Methods and Tools (how)
• How to cross from one discipline to another? How to connect varying or
similar paradigms? How to make a whole from a plurality of disciplines? How
to translate the sources: modify or stay 'true' to them?
• Transfiguration, intersecting disciplines from art, design and 'outside'
them, creating a net of disciplines from diverse areas â€" how to locate and
examine the crossovers and gaps?
Practice-based research through examples
• The relationship of theory to practice in interdisciplinary research.
• How interdisciplinary research might be best performed.
• How inderdisciplinarity works? â€" an insider’s view on crossing disciplines.
• Individual projects with an interdisciplinary approach
• Collaborative projects across the disciplines - advantages and possible
• How to start an interdisciplinary project?--various opportunities
We invite papers from current and graduated research students as well as
academics and practitioners in art and design. We are also looking for
artworks and design solutions from digital visualisations to physical
installations, which could highlight significant features of
interdisciplinary research. Researchers and professionals beyond art and
design disciplines are also invited to present research that contributes to
art and design in novel and interdisciplinary ways.

We invite to submit an abstract (300 words maximum) with author/title in
heading, and a short CV by 16th January 2009. Send materials or enquiries
to Session Organisers: or

Financial support may be available subject to individual circumstance,
please contact Nikki Counley

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