CFP: [General] Call for CEA at MLA Panel Submissions

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Call for MLA/CEA Panel Submissions

Do you have an idea for a panel to represent CEA at the 2010 MLA
Conference? If so, send your a proposal to, written in
the form of a call for papers. CEA board members will consider all
submissions and decide on two panels at our winter board meeting in

At that point, should your proposal be chosen, you'll call for presentation
submissions in the UPenn CFP listing and notify MLA/CEA membership, as well
as reminding potential participants that membership in both groups is
required. You'll submit your panel to MLA by its due date in the spring.

Some of our previous CEA/MLA panels include the following:

"Critical Approaches for Literature for Children and Adolescents"
“The Edge of the Sea: Science and the Literary Littoral"
"Better the Instruction": Teaching Shakespeare Through Performance"
"St. Joan and the Military Dragon: Women and Militarism in Literature"

We've had a vast range of interesting and timely topics presented during
CEA/MLA panels at MLA conferences. Perhaps you have an idea whose time has
come? If so, please submit your panel proposal by December 20, 2008.

Karen Lentz Madison
University of Arkansas
2nd Vice President, CEA

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