CFP: [Film] Representations of the Serial Killer in Film and Television

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Alzena D'Costa
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Representations of the Serial Killer in Film and Television

Deadline for submissions: 23 January 2009
Contact: Alzena D’Costa
Email: A.D’

I invite contributions for an edited collection that examines
representations of the serial killer in film and television. The serial
killer has become increasingly prevalent in popular culture. It is the aim
of this book to explore the socio-political reasons for the emergence of
this cultural figure, and to examine how representations of the serial
killer and serial killing function to address contemporary cultural
concerns and preoccupations.

The collection will be aimed at an academic and student readership in the
disciplines of Cultural Studies, Sociology, Media and Film Studies.
However, given the popularity of the serial killing genre, this book will
also appeal to a general audience.

I invite submissions that critique representations of the serial killer in
relation to issues including, but not limited to:
• Masculinity and violence
• The female serial killer
• The body as commodity
• Consumer culture
• Celebrity and fandom culture
• The ‘society of the spectacle’
• The postmodern ‘society of strangers’/loss of community
• Identity fraud
• National identity
• Surveillance society
• Terrorism
• Theories of power and functions of the nation-state
• Public and private spheres (serial killing as a ‘public’ activity
often performed in the domestic setting)
• Serial murder as ‘game playing’
• Postmodern detective fiction and processes of detection

Films that could be discussed include, but are not limited to, The Silence
of the Lambs (1991); Natural Born Killers (1994); Copycat (1995); Seven
(1995); Kiss the Girls (1997); The Bone Collector (1999); American Psycho
(2000); The Watcher (2000); Monster (2003); Taking Lives (2004); the Saw
series (2004-08); The Strangers (2008); Funny Games (1997/2008) and
Untraceable (2008).
[Please note: A contribution discussing American Psycho has already been

Television shows that might be considered include Dexter (2006-present);
CSI (2000-present) and Law and Order: SVU (1999-present). You might also
discuss films that offer accounts of the ‘true’ crimes of ‘real life’
serial killers such as The Boston Strangler (1968); Henry: Portrait of a
Serial Killer (1986); Dahmer (2002); Ted Bundy (2002); and Karla (2006).

Please send a 300-500 word abstract with a working title and brief
biographical statement (including your contact information, affiliation,
position and also a list of relevant publications) in MS Word format to
Alzena D’Costa [A.D’] on or before 23 January 2009.

The submission of a complete paper is not necessary. I will invite papers
(7000-8000 words) for the collection at a later date.

Any inquiries should be sent to:

Dr Alzena D'Costa
Associate Lecturer
Dept of Communication & Cultural Studies
School of Media, Culture & Creative Arts
Email: A.D'
Curtin University of Technology
Phone: +61 8 9266 7441

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