CFP: [General] SENSE AND SUSTAINABLITY: Green approaches to reading (March 13-14, 2009)

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U. Montreal EGSS

University of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
English Graduate Students Society

SENSE AND SUSTAINABLITY: Green approaches to reading (March 13-14, 2009)

DATES: Friday March 13- Saturday March 14, 2009
Département d'études anglaises
University of Montreal, Pavilion Jean-Coutu

poet and author of Urban Meltdown (2007)


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SUBMISSIONS: Deadline for 250-word abstracts: January 16, 2009.

Raymond Williams wrote in 'The Country and the City' (1973) that it "is a
truth universally acknowledged, that Jane Austen chose to ignore the
decisive historical events of her time" (113). It is in recognition of the
fact that we cannot choose to ignore the decisive historical event of our
time that we have taken 'Sense and Sustainability' as our colloquium title.

Green approaches to reading encourages the reframing of texts in new and
innovative ways, and raises awareness about an issue affecting us all:
ecological crisis. Furthermore, research and teaching need to address this
problem in order to promote real change on a grassroots and widespread scale.

Participants in 'Sense and Sustainability' should address the themes of
sustainability and its concomitant stewardship within the general theme of
how the present environmental crisis informs and deforms literary theory
and English language practice, written or performed.

Send submissions to submissions(at) Submissions should
be 250-300 words and should arrive by Friday, January 16, 2009. While
focussing on literary theory and English language practice, we want to
stress the openness of 'Sense and Sustainability'; entry topics may
include, but are not limited to:

environmental justice
first nations
green Romanticism
political ecology
science studies

We also invite creative submissions for an informal event on the theme of
sustainability. Participants will have 5-10 minutes to read, present, or
perform their work, which may include poetry, prose, film shorts, songs, or
art installations. Please send a description of your idea with one or two
50Kb images or soundbites to submissions(at) by Friday,
January 16, 2009.

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