CFP: [Graduate] Crisis - Critical Disruption of Communication and Cultural Flows

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Ian Dahlman
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Original Call for Papers (CFP)
Intersections 2009: Crisis
8th Annual Critical & Creative Graduate Student Conference
Submission Deadline: January 9, 2009.
Conference Date: March 20-22, 2009
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Intersections 2009: Crisis
Critical Disruption of Communication and Cultural Flows

A crisis is potentially both a critical disruption of an existing system
and a vehicle of change. Crisis can foster insight, invention, involvement,
and intervention, but it can also create situations which silence,
marginalize, and even endanger those who are directly and indirectly
involved. Crises may help illuminate directions for necessary change, or
render visible those forces that resist transformational imperatives. This
conference intends to bring together scholarship that highlights dynamic
and imaginative connections taking place in times of critical interruptions
and crises. Intersections 2009: Crisis- Critical Disruption of
Communication and Cultural Flows is calling for analytical and creative
presenters to address how interruptions, disturbances and crises â€" whether
intentional or unexpected, local or global, isolated or systematic â€" affect
established and dominant orders. How do these disruptions alter the very
conditions of social, political, economic, mechanical, psychical, physical,
sexual, biological, ethical, and other modes of being and thinking? We
invite theoretical and creative inquiries into the nature of crisis and
what it reveals about the working of various systems, and the ways in which
communication and cultural studies contribute to the generation of unique
strategies for reading, coping with, and resolving crisis. We also invite
considerations of methodologies that address crises of systems inherent to
the interdisciplinary study of contemporary communication and culture.

Intersections 2009: Crisis is the eighth annual conference held by the
Joint Graduate Programme in Communication and Culture at Ryerson and York
Universities. We invite graduate students from all related disciplines to
submit proposals for academic, artistic, and activist presentations that
explore critical disruptions, crisis and catastrophe through social theory,
politics, policy, culture, media, technology, artistic practice and social
activism. This year’s theme allows for discussion and engagement across
the three streams of our programme, which include Media and Culture,
Politics and Policy, and Technology in Practice, and we encourage proposals
from all three perspectives.

More specifically, within a paradigm of communication and cultural studies,
presentations may cover (but are not limited to) the following:
o Disruptions of dynamic systems (including political or economic systems,
digital signals and information patterns, cultural institutions or social
o Fractures & Ruptures (in economies and cultural systems)
o Interruptions of labour and education
o Crises (in thought and everyday life)
o Disturbance of flow (in media, environment, energy, culture, thought)
o Signal interference (political, technological and communicative)
o Issues of mobility in times of crisis (refugeeism, diaspora)

All interested graduate students are asked to submit a short written
abstract or artist's statement explaining the proposed presentation in
light of the conference themes. Abstracts or statements should be no more
than 150-200 words (typewritten, Times 12 font, double spaced) and
submitted via e-mail as a .DOC or .RTF attachment. PLEASE NOTE: Name and
contact information should not appear on the same page as your proposal.
Please include a separate page with the following information:

o Title of presentation as it appears on the abstract
o Your name
o Affiliation: program, university, and level of study (e.g. PhD, 2nd year)
o E-mail address and mailing address
o A / V requirements
o Submission format (paper presentation, creative work).

All information provided to us will be kept confidential. All submissions
are presented anonymously to the conference adjudication committee for peer
review before acceptance or declination. See conference website (link
below) for more detailed submission guidelines.

Artists are also asked to submit a small sample of their work for
by either e-mail or post. If sending creative works by e-mail, please limit
attachment size to 5mb or less. You may also direct us to a URL. Please put
viewing instructions, comments and titles in your e-mail if applicable. If
submitting creative works by post, please mail the proposal, a non-original
copy of the work, and viewing instructions to the following address (well
before the submission deadline):

Intersections 2009 Conference
c/o Graduate Programme in Communication and Culture
3013 TEL Building, York University
4700 Keele Street Toronto, ON M3J 1P3


Please e-mail submissions (or questions) to:

Conference Website:
Presented by and for graduate student scholars, artists and activists
through the organizing efforts of the Communication and Culture Graduate
Students Association (GSA):

For more information about the Joint Graduate Programme in Communication
and Culture at Ryerson and York Universities:

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