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Anne Goarzin

Call for submissions
Thematic volume
KLASK (Presses Universitaires de Rennes)


The publication comes within the framework of the Center for Irish Studies
research programme (part of the CRBC â€" Center for Breton and Celtic
Research Centre), University of Rennes 2, France

The publication will focus particularly on the following themes:

Historiographic questions: the unsaid, peripheral histories and the
peripheries of history
History text books
Museographic choices
Commemoration, memory, memorials
History and literature; arts and history

Trauma on a national scale
Forgotten wars and revolutions: the unsaid and failures: mythified events,
aborted revolutions
The traumatism of the First World War in Ireland and in Northern Ireland
The Troubles in Northern Ireland
Civil war movements in Ireland
The Titanic, the Famine, the diaspora
Espionage and intelligence gathering, informers and resistance, controlled
discourses, hegemonic and ideological discourses

Trauma on a personal scale
Unedifying histories
Language- denied, transformed, controlled or re-appropriated
Socio-cultural taboos (upbringing, sexuality etc.): things forgotten,
omissions, circumventions, diversions, suppression, censorship
Emotion and traumatism: victims, victimisation, martyrdom
The impact and representation of sectarian violence, terror, the diaspora,
fear etc.

Possible remedies for trauma
Post-trauma: verbalising the divergence between the peace process in
Northern Ireland and the reality at grass-roots level
Narrative strategies and metaphors of trauma
Discourses on memory and on the duty to remember: excess or censorship

Languages accepted for publication : French, English
Length of articles : 36 000 characters maximum, text and characters, notes
An abstract in French and English (10-15 lines)
A short biographical note (5-8 lines)
Deadline for submission of articles : 23 March 2009
Articles will be peer reviewed
Please send your articles to :

Pr. Anne Goarzin
Centre d’Etudes Irlandaises
Université Rennes 2
Place du Recteur Henri le Moal

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